Movie Quotes from Ride with the Devil: Quotes from the movie Ride with the Devil

(1) How’s yer rib?
(2) Not so good…. How’s yer leg?
(1) ’bout the same.

they took my pinky

Does this look like the behind of something that heehaws in the night? Well, does it???

Have you done this before?
I’ve killed seventeen men!

I wouldn’t lie to you Jake.
You just said you did!
Well that was different. That was romance..
And what is this?
The truth.

I’d be bad meat – pretty well rotted to a glob. – I’d be a mysterious gob of rot…

Oh for crying out loud, we’re sitting right here! Show us some mercy!!

Surely someone will say, Why, that’s nubbin finger Jake Roedel, and they could tell my father I was murdered, and he wouldn’t be bothered by uncertain wonders.

Why Jake I can hear you ruminatin louder than a cow chewing on my ear,… what is it?

Why we are Southern men–and hungry…

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