Movie Quotes from Ready to Rumble: Quotes from the movie Ready to Rumble

-Don’t you get it? Sinclair wants to kill me. End my life. So I’m dead! And buried inna ground an’ lil’ tiny bugs feastin’ on my ass!
-No bugs are gonna feast on your ass!-

-these damn allergies- -Me too, damn stupid allergies- -Unfair, bogus allergies- (Cries)-unfair Page cheating, blind ref, bogus, SINCLAIR ALLERGIES! -Damn Diamond Dallas Page!-

1) dude how many times did you fart in that van? 2) wasn’t me dude swear to god 1)The farting nuns

1)how hard did you hit him king he’s an old man 2)I only gave him a little flick 3)no you kicked him in the face 2)sal buddy? 4(kicks 2 in nuts) Lesson one the possom ain’t dead til it’s scarped off the road 3) did you have to squash the possoms nuts 4)stifle

1)Is that shit I smell? 2)Yeah. I always kinda liked that smell. 1)Yeah. Kinda smells like french toast. 2)French toast covered in shit.

1)Uncle Billy said they were good seats. 2)Well, Uncle Billy SUCKS. 1)Hey, Uncle Billy lost his right nut in Nam. 2)Kick him in his left nut when you see him again, ’cause these seats bite!

1)why does it look like you have your finger up your butt? 2)Cause I do.

1)your still upset about that spot i blew in acron 2) you puked one me 1) the audience liked it 2) i was your partner!

1- I am following my dream, Dad. 2-Well your dream’s stupid. Charlie Manson was following his dream, David Koresh, Michael Bolton, all of those guys!

A diamond upside-down is a pussy!

Are you saying the king’s a queen?

Can you say it now? *spits glass out of his mouth* I’m your bitch and your my daddy.

Come on King! Smack him around like a tooth-less, crack whore!

Damn DDP allergies!

Fatty just made you his shit hose bitch!

Found him in drainage tunnel fourteen. He didn’t wanna leave.

hey brittany whats the weather like in there cold today hot tomorrow

hey hey hey hey nice speer kid

Hey, I’m Jimmy king. I will rule you! I will reign supreme. Soon as I’m finishied with these here beers.


I gotta go, my Dad says talking on the phone is for pussies

I Will Bust You!!!!!!!

i will rule you!

I’m gonna whoop you like a nun at a Moby’s concert!

It’s time to reveale my secret weapons. FORIEN OBJECTS!

my wife left me, my parents are dead, and my son is in a wheel chair. well we just saw your son and he can walk and we also saw your parents and you left your wife. oh, praise the lord he is good…..PISS OFF your 5 minutes are up!!!

oh i just done kicked you in the diddly hear let me help you up (kick) oh i just done did it again.

Sal Bandini wanna wrestle?

sean wants brittany’s taco with cheese all over porfavor

There’s alotta glare commin off that dome of yours, SQUIRREL NUTS!!!

This isn’t even a paperview!

Welcome to the royal ass kicking of Diamond Dallas Page

Well I have to get off the phone…my dad says chattin of the phone is for pussys.

Well That’s not goof enough is it you boob, you little jimmy the king fan boob, jimmy king is a big fat nothing he’s a sissy in tights

what’s she gonna do boob them to death


Yea it almost made me throw up about what happend to king…but my dad says cryings for pussys!

You love Jimmy KIng, I love Jimmy King, and we’re men, and we’re not afriad to say well love other men

You’re driving a truck full of ass juice. I wouldn’t worry about your hair.

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  1. I would like to see the quote where Sal Bandini (Martin Landau) is recovering in the hospital after the beatdown from Saturn and Sid Vicious. It ends something like, “I’m crapping tapioca and my prostate is the size of a casaba. Other than that, I’m doing fine!”

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