Movie Quotes from Power: Quotes from the movie Power

‘The Price Is Right’

–Wilfred, what have you heard about, uh, Sam Hastings?
–Nothing. He’s suppose to be sick.

And we simply can’t afford a governor who needs on the job training.

Do what I tell you and after you get into office, you can do whatever you want.

Everything I learned the last 26 years boils down to this: If they like you, they’re going to vote for you, period. People don’t vote issuess, they vote people.

For those who still don’t know who I am, I’m the guy for whom this job means a pay raise.

From now to the election, every speech, every appearance, you’re to wear this shirt.

It means coordinating every piece of information out of this office.

New ideas, new direction, change.

See, my job is to get you in. Once you’re there, you do whatever your conscience tells you to do.

So, I take it you’re with me, Mr. St. John?

Something human came into this race. Some straight talk. Some honest feelings. Something wasn’t slick and prepackaged. Something wasn’t engineered by these media wizards.

What I’m saying is you have to align the perception with the reality.

You have the ballot. But who has the power?

You know what the real story is? Foreigners influence American elections.

You’re upcoming elections are important to us, Mr. Billings.

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