Movie Quotes from Popeye: Quotes from the movie Popeye

(1) A genuine hamburger for the gentleman. I’m buying.
(2) Gee, thanks.
(3) Who’s paying?
(1) I’m buying, he’s paying.

…plus one sunflower embarassing the tax collector tax.

Ah ha, let’s see here, that’ll be twenty-five cent docking tax.

And I got alot of muscles, and I only have one eye,and I never hurts nobodies and I never tells a lie. From my top to my bottom, from my bottom to my top. That’s the way I am till the day that I drop. WHAT AM I!!!

Gentlemen, you know the rules–there are no rules. This is a fight to the finish. The first man who’s dead loses.

He’s large

I may not be a doctor but I’m losing all my patience!!

I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

Jealous of my own son? You owe me an apology.

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