Movie Quotes from Point Blank: Quotes from the movie Point Blank

–Then why didn’t he kill you?
–He killed the car.

–What’s my last name?
–What’s my first name?

Are you crazy?!

How good it must be being dead. Is it?

I want my 93 grand.

It’s called the Multiplex Company.

Mighty good times.

Most accidents happen within three miles from home.

Profit is the only principle.

She was the Trojan Horse.

Somebody’s got to pay.

The drop’s changed, but the run is still the same.

They’re going to kill me if I don’t get it!

They’re the most dangerous criminals in Texas. And they’re seriously out of control.

Wherever you go, trouble finds you out.

You died at Alcatraz all right.

You should have stayed an accountant.

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