Movie Quotes from Poetic Justice: Quotes from the movie Poetic Justice

1)You know I don’t allow no smoking in my house.
2) I work hard. I pay bills around here and I can even have a motherfucking cigarette?
1)Just shut the fuck up and put the cigarette out!

a)Ah I get it, you one of them angry bitches. b) What did you just call me? A) I said you a mean bitch, thinkin yo’ shit don’t stink. You bleed once a month just like the rest of the hos

A)Why you love me? B) ‘Cuz you fly A) Ohh that’s deep, ‘cuz I’m fly

alone, all alone. nobody, but nobody, can make it out here alone…

Alone, lying,thinking last night,how to find my soul a home,where water is not thirsty,and bread loaf is not stone. I came up with one thing, and I don’t believe I’m wrong. That nobody but nobody can make it out here alone

Awww save it!

Cause nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone.

Chicago:Why you turn my back on me?
Aiesha: I need to turn my back on you. cuz you can’t hang
Chicago-Cuz I can’t hang?
Aiesha- That’s right cuz you can’t hang
Chicago-That’s a fucked up thing to say
Aiesha-But it’s a real thing to say. Yeah that’s rght. brush that weak ass hair. you ain’t buff, you’re a weak ass punk. nigga’s dick can’t stay hard for five seconds.
(Chicago hits Aiesha)
Aiesha: MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!(tHEY FIGHT)
Laeve me alone, Chicago

Drunk ho, needs to work in a liquor store as much as she be drinkin’

Every time you kiss him, you be tastin my pussy!

Fuck you alright?
No that’s the problem you can’t

Get the zipcode right,essay!

Girl,I got him sprung

honesy i dress, and then i res’ cos love don’t live here anymore

How’s the bitch from Ethiopia and got a son named Lamar?

I got a spare stamp so you can mail your ass a job application!

I’ve got a spare stamp if you wanna mail yo ass a job application.

If I’m a bitch, then yo mama’s a bitch, bitch!

If you don’t quit staring at me, bitch, I’m gonna slap them eyes outta your head.

Just remember every time your kissing him, your tasting my pussy

listen, i don’t remember sayin’ i do to either one of ya’ll

Love is a juice that has many flavours: some bitter; others sweet.

Out here a man is like a good hair brush. You gotta know when to take it out the box and when to put it back in. And out here, you have to know sometimes you’re gonna lose one.

Some popcorn,and some jujubees, and some BONBONS!

These girls don’t know their cooch from a hole in the wall.

They’re still gonna fuck you up!

This fine,young,dark brother said he wanna smell my poonani

Time ain’t forever!!!

Two-minute brotha

what the fuck you know, you can’t even keep your fuckin nails clean

What you want? You wanna smell my poonani?

What’s up, Mr. Postman?

yeah,well,he just did my girl all wrong. She’s scared as hell.
Got her runnin around here wearing sunglasses,and you know how she like bragging bout her pretty little green eyes

Yo nails so dirty.

You ain’t nothin but a drunk bitch. Just like my damn mama!

You can always tell when a woman ain’t giving up no coochie

You know what, you know what, you weak. You a weak ass punk. You think you the shit just cuz you work out? You ain’t buff! I wish I never met yo sorry ass you a sorry mothafucka. Yea, that’s right, brush that weak ass fade, nigga’s dick can’t stay hard 5 mins…the fuck you do take steriods? ::sigh:: That’s the reason why I’m fuckin’ somebody else!!

You need to get yo ass some breath mints.

You so dumb. The more I teach you the dumber you get.

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