Movie Quotes from Pirate Movie, The: Quotes from the movie Pirate Movie, The

(song) Give me a happy ending every time. We’ll kiss and make up, everything will work out fine.

(song) If you’re treading water and romance is on the slide. . . don’t you know you have to swallow something more than water, it’s your pride.

1) Harder…Harder…Harder…What’s that saying? Harder…
2) Hearing!

1) We’re having a beach party 2) and i’m franki valli

1)Look, she grows weak, she can not even raise it to my heart. 2) I’m not aiming at your heart

Mabel: Frederick you’re not. . . gay are you?
Frederick: No! No.
Mabel: I mean, the way you and that pirate king get around in those rather feminine pleated shirts and all that leather. . .

a) Name of the fugitive.
b) Fugitive?
a) Fugitive…F-U-…
b) Up yours, too.

Break…….no just a little bent

common fellow !!!!

For I am the pirate king, and I’ll buy this orphan thing. We’ll go away without dismay, but we’ll be returning.

Frederick: A terrible disclosure’s just been made!
Mabel: Then zip it up!

Frederick: I’ve never seen a woman like. . . that before! Mabel: The body is an eight. The brain is a ten! So let’s go!

Frederick: You know, I thought I’d lost you. But I’ll light a thousand candles for the luck that kept you safe.

Mabel: Luck? I almost took that twit!

Fredric whithout a k
Mable also without a k

Funny, I thought the bells came afterwards.

He tore the god-damned sail again!

he’s a nasty pirate person…..

I am the very model of a modern major general

I didn’t mean to de-flower you

I love art, I just don’t know what I like.

I want a happy ending

I’m older than the Beatles but I’m younger than the Rolling Stones!

Mabel: Ole! Frederick: No, no, TOUCHE, TOUCHE!!

Mable, it’s your dream

Man: Nymph.. Nymphette!
Woman: Nympho…

My boy, the job is yours. Rid me of these villains, and Mabel’s hand is yours—(under breath) not to mention the best parts!

Touche’ which means touch

True….So True

War is hell!

Woman: Goosebumps.. I’ve got goosebumps..

Man: Pushups.. I recommend pushups.

Woman= You’ll be hung!
Man= Oh I am, I am and very well thank you.

You want to know how fast the nurse runs?

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