Movie Quotes from Patch of Blue, A: Quotes from the movie Patch of Blue, A

–Is it dark?
–I’m glad.
–Makes you more like me.

Dark’s nothing to me. I’m always in the dark.

DAUGHTER: Hello, Sadie. /Sadie: Man, dig that crazy ghost! Hey, you hear a ghost telling me ‘hello’,Roseanne?/daughter:Please,Sadie, not that again today./ Sadie: You standing for her giving me lip, Roseanne?/ Roseanne: Selena, tuck in your tongue. Get Sadie and me some coffee, huh?/ Sadie: Yeah, bring me a glass. /Selena: With pleasure./ Sadie: Are you going to let her get away with that?/ Roseanne: Aw, Sadie, come on, it’s Sunday. The kid didn’t mean nothing./ Sadie: Yeah, well, I wouldn’t take any of that upstage malarkey from her!

Do you good to skip supper once in awhile, blubber belly.

I didn’t know you could feel words.

It means you don’t knock your neighbor just because he thinks or looks different than you.

It sticks out a mile, stupid.

Now who’s been guzzlin’ my gin?

Ole’ Pa (On Selina’s plans to go to the park): Only one thing
messin’ up your idea S’lina, and it ain’t fatso’s[Rose-Ann’s] supper.
Selina D’Arcey: What then?
Ole’ Pa: Nobody’d bring ya home.
Selina D’Arcey: You could. I can wait.
Ole’ Pa: Many a time I’m not on my way till good and dark.
Selina D’Arcey: Is that all? Dark’s nothing to me. I’m always in the dark.

The most you’re likely to get out of this is a kick in the pants.

The old bum. When he gets home, I’m really goin’ to pin his ugly ears back.

Would you like a slug in the puss?

You’d be surprised how many people wear dark glasses to hind behind.

Your voice sounds tall.

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