Movie Quotes from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid: Quotes from the movie Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

–How does it feel?
–It feels like…times have changed.
–Times, maybe. Not me.

–Pretty fair shooting for an old married man.
–Just lucky, I guess.

–What’s your name, boy?
–Alias what?
–Alias anything you please.

Chisum’s cattle is waiting.

Comes an age in a man’s life when…he don’t wanna spend time figuring what comes next.

How does Jesus look to you now, Bob?

I always liked old Eben. At least he knew when it was time to leave.

Keep the change Bill

Keep the change Bill

Keep the change Bill.

The electorate…wants you gone. Out of the country.

This country’s getting old, and I am to get old with it.

This terrority is vast and primitive. There is money here, growing investments and political interests. We must protect these investments so that the area can continue to prosper and grow.

You made me have a bowel movement in my britches… I ain’t never gunna forgive you for that…!

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