Movie Quotes from Package, The: Quotes from the movie Package, The

–I think you’re going to prison, Walter.
–You don’t know where I’m going.

–Why would someone want to take the place of a guy going to prison?
–Gets him into the country without a passport.

A bunch of Naxi goons.

A bunch of Nazi goons.

Be all you can be.

Call a medic!

Eileen, it’s Johnny. You’re in danger. Get out of the house.

Eileen, what the hell is going on here?

I don’t know what you got yourself into, pal, but their team’s playing with bigger hitters.

I lost my package, a prisoner I was bringing back from Germany.

I lost my package.

I need your help. I want you to pull this guy’s service record for me.

Jesus Christ! Operation Sundown…I just had a run-in with a colonel from Operation Sundown.

Members of a terrorist group who’ve claimed responsibility for the attack.

Terrorists, sir? They were pretty well organized. It was like a military operation.

These people can be anybody they want to be.

This was your operation right from the beginning.

We believe Soviet Intelligence is operating with a neo-Nazi group there.

Who are you working for?

Who is Walter Henke?

Who the hell knows what is the truth and what is a lie?

Why do you think we’ve had peace with Russia for forty years? Nuclear weapons, that’s why.

Why would he want to smuggle himself in?

You want somebody, don’t follow them. Wait until they come to you.

You were with the Iran Delta operation, correct? The aborted rescue attempt?

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