Movie Quotes from Pacifier, The: Quotes from the movie Pacifier, The

(Shane holds out ‘tracking’ bracelet to Zoe) Zoe: I would rather chew off my arm!

*shane does peter panda dance* paul: again! shane: no, go to sleep. good night my little peter panda! paul: good night daddy.

*walks into zoe’s room* shane: zoe! a rookie sniper could drop you like a deer! zoe: good.

1. All right, ladies! Here’s how it’s gonna be. Tonight, I’m your den mother. That means if you want to live to see tomorrow, you do exactly as I say. Do we understand each other?

2. Den mother, you frighten me.

1. Good!

1. Have you ever given a driving lesson before? 2. In a minivan? No. But think of it like a Bradley Assault Vehicle. 3. Yeah, especially when Zoe’s driving.

1. I’m on duty. 2. On duty? Oh, that’s right, you’re a babysitter, so it’s more like Do-do duty.

1. Now do you or do you not have what it takes to perform this musical? 2. We don’t have a director. 1. I’ve directed rescue missions all around the world. I’ve directed numerous snatch-and-grabs from countries whose names you are not allowed to know. I’ve choreographed multi-pronged amphibious landings and stealth air attacks! Do you think I would have the military profiency to direct this production?

1. Party’s over! 2. Oh my God, it’s here. 1. You’re all gonna clean this house SPOTLESS! No highway option, now get cleaning!

1. Rule Number One: Never be too eager to rush your opponent. 2. Wanna play prison rules, frogman, huh? Wanna play prison rules? Ok, you got it.(fight resumes)All right, now you’ve unlocked the beast! 1. From this position, it’s relatively easy to manipulate your opponent. And thus, we have the chicken wing. The arm bar, the crow bar, and my personal favorite…the pacifier!

1. Thanks a lot, Lieutenant Loser! Now, I’m gonna be the school joke! I don’t even know what I’m gonna say to my friends. 2. You call those people your friends? They have no respect for you, they have no respect for your home! You have no respect for yourself!

1. What are you doing? 2. You’re burning daylight. Move! 1. It’s Sunday! And it’s 6 am! My God, you’re insane!

1. What is it? (staring at vehicle in garage)2. It’s a minivan. 1. Ugh.

1. You know what, little girl? I think it’s time you went nappy-poo in beddy-bye land.
2. Do I look like I’m five to you?

1. What did I say?

2. Disrespectful! And to think I was ever interested in you!

and light a match next time

boy scout 1: what do you put in a jar and shake till their dead? boy scout 2: fireflies.

firefly: den mother, you frighten me. shane: good.

head brace guy: there’s no freestyling in the pen now.

Helga: Little evil puke machine.

Isn’t there anybody around here who understands the meaning of the word ‘discipline’?

julie plummer: you’ve betrayed us. and not only that, you betrayed your country. captain: so? north korea pays better.

Let me explain to you how the chain of command works. I tell you what to do, and you DO it!!!

Looks like you got some legs growin out of your shoulders.

Lulu: we’re gonna be late.
Shan Wolfe: Not on my watch

Lulu: your boobs are big. shane: they’re NOT boobs! lulu: will mine ever get that big?

mr. chung: shut up, duck whisperer!

murney: you hear the girl, break it up. *to shane* boys will be boys. it’ll toughen the creeper up anyway. shane: six to one?

Now I only got one rule. Everything is done my way, no highway option.

One pulse from a GHOST satellite and a country can’t launch it’s own nukes.

Shane Wolfe – We do this my way; there is no highway option. Understood?

Shane: They were after this (puts DVD marked GHOST in player)
Lulu: They want our Ghost movie? Haven’t they heard of Blaockbuster?

shane: ahh, the nipple cripple. when your opponent uses this, you know they’re desperate.

shane: i think it’s time to take a nappy poo to beddy bye land… lulu: do i look like i’m five to you? *walks away* and to think i was attracted to you!

The Peter Panda Dance…
When your down and low,
Lower than the floor, and you feel like you
aint got a chance, da da,
Dont make a move ’till your in the groove,
And do the peeter panda dance!
Just hop three times like a kangaroo,
Side step twice just like the crabs do.
Three steps forward one step back!
Quick like a turtle, lie on your back.
Roll like a log ’till you cant roll no more,
Better jump quick like there aint no floor.
Hold your breath, Step to the left,
And that’s the peter, I swear that’s the peter,
That’s the peter panda dance!!

We are SEALS and this is what we do.

You have such big boobs.Do you wear a bra?

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