Movie Quotes from Out of Time: Quotes from the movie Out of Time

–Chris, try the crab. It’s really good.
–I’m alergic.
–I know.

–I gave her the Scarcetti money.
–Would you have given it to me if I slept with you.

–Maybe I’ll just steal it.
–Maybe I’ll just shoot you, Chae.

–That was pretty good, eh?
–Was a little over the top.
–Over the top? Which part?
–Your part.

A beer in the hand is better than two in the fridge.

Because I’m stupid.

Joyful Girl.

Oh, what? You’re like the love child of Barney Fife and Joe Friday.

Sometimes I think you want to shoot you, Chae.

When is the time?

You do have a choice.

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