Movie Quotes from Out for Justice: Quotes from the movie Out for Justice

–I swear he’s nothing without that badge and gun.
–Really? Let me show you something…There’s my gun…And here’s my badge. Fair game now, ok? This is your trophy. This is your trophy!
Come and get it!
–I offer five thousand for that badge.

–What are ya gonna do? Shoot me? I’m outta bullets!
–Nope, but you see those bullets could’ve saved you a lot of pain.
–I like pain.

1) Anybody here ever see this one on the street? 2)Yeah….10 bucks
1) I’m a little dissappointed I thought you could at least get 15. 3) Yeah, fuck you gino.

1>What do ya want Gino? Want me to take you in the corner give you a little head.
2>You were never that good.

anybody seen ritchie?anybody know why ritchie did bobby lupo

Benny the book how are ya buddy.

He’s got a sheet as long as my arm


its just one shitstorm after the other

Of course….. I’m like this….whatya think Bobby was my best friend.

That’ll be six dead Washingtons my man

Yo, Fucknuts!!

You wanna get by me – there’s only two things stoppin’ you: fear and common sense.

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