Movie Quotes from Operation Dumbo Drop: Quotes from the movie Operation Dumbo Drop

1. Ibham doesn’t stare off into space because he’s a wise old soul, he’s as blind as a bat! 2. Ibham not blind! Ibham can- Ibham is blind.

Gentleman, I’m responsible for anything that goes in this cargo hold, now if that thing even twitches, you’re gonna see an elephant fly.

I did not join this army to shoot elephants, especially ones that fly.

I should be on a top secret mission with crack commandos but instead, I’m in an episode of Mikhail’s Navy starring Dumbo, Mr. French, and the Three Stooges!

When you’re standing on a roof with your brother in Fort Lauderdale, I think you’re really gonna enjoy the view.

Yes, I’m REAL happy about my decision to stick with you guys.

You nice American? You think you’re Number One? You Number Ten!

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