Movie Quotes from Operation Crossbow: Quotes from the movie Operation Crossbow

–What do you use for fuel, Professor?–A mixture of liquid oxygen and alcohol.

As a scientist, I was taught to be sure of my facts.

Does goodnight mean goodbye?

Flying bombs.

Have they got a long-range rocket?

If you’re not quiet we’ll ahve to gag you

If you’re not quiet we’ll have to gag you

In peacetime, there are no secrets in science.

In war, decisions almost always have to be taken on incomplete knowledge.

It was a vital task and a job well done.

Men with technical knowledge…foreign languages…who’d also make good agents. They’d be pretty rare birds.

Study this thoroughly…It’s the result of years of research.

That’s all I care about. To get safely home with my children.

We want you to pass as engineers from a German-occupied country.

We’ll never win the war unless we are prepared to take risks. Sometimes great risks.

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