Movie Quotes from Once Were Warriors: Quotes from the movie Once Were Warriors

1/_Well fuck off, then! You’ll get nothing from me!!
2/_You got nothing I want, Jake!!

1: You were right too much weights and not enough speed work 2:usless prick!

1:Do you know that you’ve gotta go to court tomorrow? 2: you’ll be there won’t you mum? 1: I’ll be there, will you?

1:Good look Bro (referencing to the tattoo’s) 2: Ya want one bro? 1: Nah I wear mine on the inside!

1:I’d leave it, there’s plenty of time for you to clean up after drunken f****n’ parties 2:What do you mean? 1:When you get married girl 2:who say’s I wanna get married? 1: it’s just the way things are 2: Nah, the fulla’s around here are too ugly!

1:it impressive 2:what’s impressive? 1:it was choice, it was always choice, and inside are the most choicest carvings.

1:What are you doin’? 2:Oh, you know a bit of this and the other, you never know when the queen will drop by!

Beth:What’s the charge?
Police:no charge this time, just hangin’ out with the wrong crowd
Beth: was that before or after you picked him up?

Book a fucking limosine

I can make mine smile alright, but I just can’t make her happy

I’m not the slave around here jake!

If you wanna know the name it’s Jake (boots the other in the head) Jake the Muss

is that it? is that what all this, slamming of f****n’ doors crying and carryin on is about? Anyone think he bloody died or something, the boy is soft, it’ll toughen him up. here go clean yourself up woman your startin’ to make me feel bloody sick!

its always chicks before dicks because if worst comes to worst my gurls always come first!

J:Cook the man some eggs B:do it yourself jake

J:Let get outta gere, this place gives me the creeps G:It dosn’t give me the creeps B:Well you never met my grandmother, hey Jake!

look at the blody state of you man, your’re a f****n’ mess. don’t ever speak to me again ya hear you’re tryin’ to spoil my night.

The bittish thought that the bayonett was the most leathal of all hand to hand combat weapons. Until they came across our warriors who fought with the taiaha, you thinks your fist’s are your weapon? when I have tought your mind will be.

This is the life, hey kids, don’t even have to change gears!

To much gin and not enough sex!

To muck gin and not enough sex!

What colours are you seeing now gee? still all black? Nah, not an all black in sight

You hear that boys? he wants a patch, call ya michael Jackson except we’ll rearrange your face for free, you think about that before you think about any patch

You know the rule girl… Keep ya legs open and mouth shut!

you know the rules girl. Keep you mouth shut and your legs open!

You know the rules… keep your mouth shut and your legs open

You know your F**Kin problem ay women, your too bloody lippy, too bloody smartmouth, your a bloody bad example for the f**kin Kids Always writing aren’t you your too f**kin smart, your gonna end up like your fuckin mother here

Your just a stupid kid that lives in an old wreck of a car!

Your mother was the pride of the fucking tribe

Your not gonna hurt my babies anymore, not while I can do something about it

your still a slave jake, to the drink, to ya fist, to yourself!

[at a funeral]____1/_Friends forever Gee, that’s all I ever meant…. honest…. But you’re right, I am just a stupid kid who lives in an old wreck of a car
2/_She loved you, man, she loved you…

[Tagline] Her only chance for the future is to embrace the power of her past.

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