Movie Quotes from Once Upon a Time in the West: Quotes from the movie Once Upon a Time in the West

(1) Listen Harmonica, a town billed around the station, we would make a fortune. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hey, more than that … thousands of thousands of dollars!
(2) They call ‘m millions.

(1) So you can count! All the way up to two ..
(2) All the way up to six if I have to. And maybe faster than you.

–How does it feel, sitting behind that desk?
–It’s like holding a gun. Only much more powerful.

–I hope you come back some day.
–Some day.

–So you found out you’re not a businessman at all?
–Just a man.

–You’re the one who makes appointments.
–And you’re the one who doesn’t keep them.

1. What are we going to do with this one, Frank? 2. Now that you’ve mentioned my name…..

Did you make coffee?

Do you only know how to shoot or do you know how to cut?

Five thousand dollars plus one.

Five Thousand Dollars.

Forget it. I don’t invest in land.

He not only plays. He can shoot too.

How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can’t even trust his own pants.

I declare the auction open.

I’ll kill anything. Never a kid. Like killing a priest.

I’m not the right man. And neither is he.

Just hurry up and make the deal!

one horse to many

People like that have something inside, something to do with death.

People scare better when they die.

People scare better when they’re dying.

Print ‘STATION’.

The end of the line.

They were all alive until they met you, Frank.

Time sure flies. It’s already past twelve.

Two tickets, amigo, to the next station. One way only.

Y’know, Wobbles? I’m kinda mad at you.

You know ma’am? When you’ve killed four, it is easy to make it five.

Your friends have a high mortality, Frank.

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