Movie Quotes from Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Quotes from the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico

(sands is searchin the eyepatch guy for the money.)sands- this goin to get messy. (sands lifts the eye patch before he does what h was goin to do and he finds the money) sands-I guess i should thank u for not shovin it up ur ass.

(sands lost his eyes and is leaning against a wall and his friend walks by) guy- see u later sands-fuck u

(sands runs into the bubblegum boy) sands-I need you to me my eyes (sands runs into the edge of a windowsill.

-Are you still standing? -Still.

-Cya later -Fuck you!

-El: You want me to shoot the cook?
Sands:No, I’ll shoot the cook my cars parked out back anyway.

-Oh, it might get a little dangerous sugar-butt, can you dig it? -I can dig it.

-Que quieres en la vida? -Liberdad. -Simple? -No.

-Sands: *holds up gun* Have u ever used one of these?
Mexican kid:No
Sands: Good, they are very very bad!

-Sands: Does he have a name?
Cukoy: They call him El as in The
Sands: I know what it means, thank you.

-Sands: I couldnt find a breifcase small enough to fit $10,00 so… *Puts a lunchbox on the table*

-Sands: Try the pork *El takes a bite* Was I right? *El spits it out* Hmm.. Guess not

-See you later. -Fuck you.

-What do you think?
-I dont think, I drink.

1)You want me to shoot the cook?
2) No – I’ll shoot the cook, my car’s parked out back anyway.

1. What’s wrong? 2. Everything.

A man who wants nothing . . is invincible . . . .

A man who wants nothing is invincible.

A man who wants nothing is invincible….CABRON

any reason why we should get a room on the fifth floor to see the beautiful sunset??

Are you a mexi’can’ or a mexi’can’t’?

are you a mexi-can or mexi-can’t

Are you a MexiCAN or a MexiCANT

Are you a mexican, or a mexican’t?


fuck honor we need money.

I can’t see, fuckmook! I have no eyes!

I can’t see, you fuck mook!!

I dont’ think, I drink!

I was tortured once, I didn’t like it much, That kind of turned me off of the whole idea.

i’m about to freak right out


Just walking a beat, Mexico’s my beat, just walking.

marquez: carolina? El: mutio Marquez: su hija? El: Mutio Marquez: y tu? El: muerto Marquez: y yo? El: vivo y bien. En infierno!

Mexican w/ eye patch- You wouldnt dare!!
Sands- *mocks* yes I would

Right or left?-Sands, Derecha-chicle kid, *shoots . . alot, misses alot* Was that my right or your right?-Sands, Mi derecha.-chicle kid

Sands- Mmmmm. You must try this. It is a slow roasted pork, nothing fancy just happens to be my favorite. And everywhere i go, i order this with a tequila and lime. And this is is by far the best it has been. Anywhere. In fact it is too good. In fact it is so good that after i finish eating, i’m going to walk straight into the kitchen and shoot the cook. because that is what i do. I restore the balance to this country. And i would expect the same from you my friend. El- you want me to shoot the cook? Sands- no i’ll shoot the cook, my car’s parked out back anyways.

sands-have u seen one of these before? (sands reaches down his pants and pulls out a gun) kid-yes sands-have u ever used one before? kid-no sand- good they are very very bad

sands-Im walking my beat and my beat is Mexico. (sands runs into a boy selling bubblegum) sands-why would i want this why would i want bubblegum. ( the boy rambles on in Spanish) sand ok ok (sand pulls out $100 this should hold me and you (and hands him the money) sands-fuck off!

Sands: *Holds up gun*Have you ever used one of these?
Mexican Kid: No…
Sands:Good.You shouldn’t.They are very bad.But right now, I need you to do is to shoot the bad guy.Is he close?
Mexican Kid: Si’ (yes)
Sands: Okay.Smoke him.Smoke the fucker.Send him straight to fucking broadway.
Mexican Kid: I can’t.
Sands: Okay.[Shot -jumps against wall-rolls back on kid point gun]
Left or right?
Mexican Kid: Right
Sands: [shoots and misses]Was that your right, or my right?
Mexican Kid: [whispers] My Right!

SANDS: Why? y would I want that y would I want bubblegum? MEXICAN KID: **speakin spanish** SANDS: alright alright yea yea yea yea yea.. this *hold up $10* should hold the both of us over for quite a long time.. so.. I dont ever want to see u again. MEXICAN KID: Gracias!!! SANDS:Fuck off!

Sands:Are you a MexiCAN or a MexiCAN’T?
Guy:I’m a MexiCAN.
Sands:Then do as I say…[walks away]

SANDS:Can u hear me now? Fuckin Bells

Sands:Listen, I have got a swell buncha guys intercepting on Marquez’s army but they’ve got no guns! Now listen, I want u to understand me. This is no time to screw the pooch because this is supposed to be the big dance number alright? Hello? Hello u there? Ok Ok Im gonna freak right out!

Sands:OK,OK I’m gonna freak RIGHT OUT now.

Sands:Why are we stopping?
Driver:Because we can’t go any further.
Sands: Why, Why not!?
Driver: Look out there it’s a fucking Coup D’etat!
Sands: I can’t see fuck-mook I have no eyes!
Driver: Then listen to it fucker.

taxi cab man-i can’t go any farther. sands-y? taxi guy-just look out there. sands-i cant see u fuckin mook! taxi guy- then listen.

that must tug on your short and curlies.

Wanna know the secret to winning? Creative sportsmanship. In other words, one has to rig the game.

We call him ‘El’…. as in ‘The’.

Well if that isn’t interagency cooperation then I don’t know what is.

Why would I want that? Why would I want bubble gum?

You know that with-holding vital information from a federal officer is a serious offense….especially, when that officer has paid handsomely for it, and wouldn’t think twice about ripping that patch off your eye hole and skull fucking you to death.

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