Movie Quotes from On Golden Pond: Quotes from the movie On Golden Pond

#1. What should I call your wife? #2. How about her name? Ethel. Ethel Thayer. Thounds like I’m lithping.

(boy) So, I hear you turned 80 today! (man) Is that what you heard? (boy)Yeah, Man thats really old. (man) You should meet my father. (boy) Your father’s still alive? (man) Naaah, but you should meet him!

(Looking at a picture of himself)…Who the HELL is that?!

–You ever read ‘Treasure Island’?
–Go read it.

1) Norman, how did you get Ethel anyway? 2) She was a schoolteacher and I was the assistant principal. She took one look at me, told me I made her heart go pitty-pat…fell in love with me on the spot. 1) Is that right, Ethel? 3) No it’s not…I won him in a raffle, he was the booby prize.

1. Hey, they even have indoor plumbing 2. Been peeing inside for forty years

1. Oh, uh…Are there any bears around here? 2. Oh, Sure…Blackbears, Grizzly’s. One came around last month and ate an old lesbian. C’mon dad, he’s just bullshitting us.

Chelsea, you’ve got a great big chip on your shoulder that looks very unattractive…

Detroits disappeared. Good God!- What is it Norman?- Detroits Gone!

dive boy.

he cleans all the stupid fish.i clean the smart ones. fortunally the smart ones dont get caught. thats why they swim in schools! HAHA

He’s a dentist good god he’ll be staring at her teeth all night

How does it feel to turn 80?…….Twice as bad as it did turning 40.

I’m going to do a backflip!

It’s me you old poop

It’s me you old poop!

Just do it Norman for once just do it !!!

Listen to me, mister. You’re my knight in shining armor. Don’t you forget it. You’re going to get back on that horse, and I’m going to be right behind you, holding on tight, and away we’re gonna go, go, go!

Norman talking to prospective son in law on sex: Would you like the room where I first violated her mother?

Norman(while fishing) Hold on you sonofabitch!

Normans response on Chelsea’s boyfriend’s permission to sleep with their daughter: Just dont let Ethel catch you

Phone works! Least I think it does.

Someone’s at the door.

It’s me you old poop!!!

That’s a lawn chair.

We’re at the far edge of middle age, that’s all.

Ya wanna dance or would you rather just suck face?!

You like that word, don’t you-bullshit. Yeah. It’s a good word.

You old coot

You’re my knight in shinning armor.

you’re my night and shining armour and don’t you forget it.

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