Movie Quotes from On Deadly Ground: Quotes from the movie On Deadly Ground

When this all started, I told you that we’d find the son of a bitch sir, I never expected that the son of a bitch would be you.

Can you tell me what is the essence of man?

He’d need a miracle to stop us now!

I guess it doesn’t really matter since I kind of blew up all the

I wouldn’t dirty my bullets.

If you smell anything, get out of here!

Listen Tonto, I want you to protect this warehouse like it was your sisters cherry… Remember this is one of those guys who would drink a gallon of gasoline just to piss on your campfire.

Look, don’t worry about the FBI. We all know they couldn’t find a hooker in a whorehouse anyway.

MASU: Who are you calling?
FOREST TAFT: I’m just gonna reach out and touch somebody.

Mercenary 1: Told you he’s good didn’t I?
Mercenary 2: Yeah he’s good and he’s coming this way!

That’s right big boy, make your move! And I’m gonna shove this shotgun up your ass and blow the top of your head off!

This guy is so fuckin classified that his name doesnt even come up classified!

Watch it sweetheart talk like that’ll getcha killed.

We’re not dealing with the student here we’re dealing with the professor, when the military has a job that can’t fail he’s the one they call in to train the troops. You could drop this guy off in Antartica in a pair of bikini trunks without his toothbrush and tomorrow morning he’s gonna show up at the side of your pool with a million dollar smile and a fist full of pesos.

Well, let’s see…that’s natives eight, oil workers zero.

You could drop this guy off in the Artic Circle wearing nice but a string bikini and he’d come back to your pool side with a nice tan and a fist full of pesos.

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