Movie Quotes from October Sky: Quotes from the movie October Sky

don’t know why they’d drop a bomb on this place, be a heck of a waste of a bomb.

1) What are the chances of us winning that science fair? 2) ‘Bout a million to one, O’Dell. 1) That good, huh?

A rocket won’t fly unless someone lights the fuse.

And what’s the railroad gonna say when they catch us pryin’ up the tracks?

Coo it Quentin, man, talk about your hot gases.

Cool it Quinton, man, talk about your hot gases.

dad i wana build a rocket

danm it hommer!

Dont talk to Mathew if you care about your reputation… Mathew – What do you want to know about rockets? Taz – Fuck off

Elsie: this one came in the mail, I bet it’s from Grandma.
Homer: It’s an autographed picture!
Jim: of Grandma? I’d rather get socks.
Homer: of Wernher von Braun.
Elsie: well…how did he know it was your birthday? *wink*

Ey, was there wind that day? Cause if there was, it would have come from the West, which would have blown the rocket…right there.

Four unidentifiable high school students lost their lives early this morning when their toy rocket exploded.

Four unidentifiable high school students were found dead earlier this mornin’ when their toy rocket exploded.


go for the fat ones first


Hah Hah Christine Edwards had sex with a donkey hhahhah i lsgh if she ever reades this when looking for quotes… from Yuhui

He’s got a lot on his mind…yea well I don’t give a damn!!

Holy shit it’s headed for the mine!

homer stop jacking off at that rocket

homer you are the batty boy

Homer, stop fantasizing about using one of your rockets to pleasure your teacher, it’s not healthy for your rocket!

homer, tasmans not gay so stop hitting on him

Homer, you sure got guts, but you gotta know when to quit.

Homer: Dang Roy-Lee, what did you say that fat asian’s name was? Yuhui Wang?

HTe coal mines your life it’s not mine.

I have no life, no body likes me, we have shit at school, our school is the poorest thing i have ever seen….i think i mite kill everyone and get it over and done with, i have no interests part from war, so i ain’t gonna end up with a good job or anything, the person who should watch out is……… coz i will slit his throat once i catch him…and his fat little friend, they’re all gonna pay…everyone

I told you we didn’t know what we’re doing! I told you!

I want to go into space

I’ve known my whole life I’m gonna be a miner.

I;ll tell you what unbelievable captian of the football team is jealous of you.

if that rocket dont fly, you can kiss your viginaty good bye

mathew graham of 10 bg rutherford college auckland new zealand has very very very very very vvery very very very very little friends

Mathew: I loove the smell of napalm in the mornin’, smells like… Mah Mother!

ms edwards – the shadow of the blinds look like a jail, suggesting that ms riley is caught…

Roy Lee: What’s so bad about mining coal?
Homer: Nothing, Roy Lee, coal mining’s great. That’s why your step-daddy’s the biggest drunk in West Virginia!

Way to go…

You have these boys in handcuffs, Hou have these boys in handcuffs in a high school!

Yuhui is, as they say in bent it like beckam… feeling HOT HOT HOT…

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