Movie Quotes from Nutty Professor II: The Klumps: Quotes from the movie Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

1) Oh, did I tell you the news? Leon got one of them penis pumps. 2) Penis pump?! What he do with it? 1) I don’t know. Supposed to pump it up or somethin’. 3) Do it work? 1) Just on the tip. Man, that thing look like a portabella mushroom!

1) This is some scary sh*t! 2) Yeah, like the Outer Limits.

1) Well, I am kinda hungry but… 2) Oh, you are huh? Well I bet you could stand for a big ol’ whopper right now! 3) *singing* A big old whopper right now!

1) What I do in my bedroom is MY business, you understand? 2) The only thing you do in your bedroom is pull the lint off your scrotum!

1. Beautiful day isn’t it professor. 2. Bite me old hag.

1] I am sick, and tired, of your S, H…
2] I.
1] Thank you. T, E!
3] Oh, ho ho ho…my ‘shite’?

Buddy: Seeya’ later, Chunky-butt!

Cletus: Old bag, with old bag titties.

Richmond: Just look at the guy, he can lick his own winky again. (laughs) There’s not a guy in the world that wouldn’t want to do that.

Sherman: (possessed by Buddy) .. And I tell you something else, punk! All these diplomas on the walls, don’t make up for the fact that you’ve got a little Vienna sausage in your draws, is that why they call you a shrink!?

Cletus- I ain’t no old man

Granny- You is a old man

Ernie- Oh! shit granma

does he know i’m strapped!!! i’m strapped nigga

Doesn’t really matter.

Don’t make me scream….(makes attempt to scream but doesn’t actually do it)

Grandma Klump I was taking a shower and all of sudden i had a pain in my chest I thought oh god I’m having a heart attack I looked down I saw that I was stepping on my own tiity!

Grandma to Cletus: Boy would I like to throw some hot grease on you.

Grandma: Hey, Cletus, what’s this piece a spaghetti ‘mind you of? Mr. Johnson, perhaps?

He called Granma titties bags!

Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

how are things goin on the underground railroad isaac?

I always say, if you can’t be with the nucleotide you love, cohere with the one you’re with.

Jiminy freakin’ cricket!

Jiminy Freaking Cricket!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the movies!

pop goes the weasel the weasel go pop

See ya later chunky butt!

Well, if it isn’t the inventor of Jumbo, the Horny Hamster.

Whoa!!!! the force is s-s-strong with this one!

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