Movie Quotes from Nuts: Quotes from the movie Nuts

1)Do you believe Dr. Morrison is acting out of a personal motive? 2)No, I’m sure he believes what he believes. He thinks whores are girls who hang out on 8th Avenue and stick needles in their arms. He knows whores aren’t nice white girls from nice white families. He knows that just as sure as he knows his wife is at home cleaning the oven. Isn’t that right Herbie? But what if he’s wrong? What if his wife is out balling the insurance salesman? What if he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow? What if he’s just an asshole with power to lock me up? What if that’s all he is? An asshole with power.

1)Do you have certain questions that you ask? 2)No. I just go by the seat of my pants. 1)Well how am I doing? 2)I’m about to slide off my chair.

1)Is it true that Claudia Draper new she was charged with manslaugter in the first degree? 2)Actually it’s called woman slaughter, only I finish first!

1)Would you like a cup of coffee? 2)Not unless there’s tyrosine in it 1)Sorry just milk and sugar. 2)Pass.

1)You look wonderful. 2)You know why I use this dress? For the ones who want to sit on mommy’s lap!

1)You married? 2)Pardon me? 1)You got a Mrs.? 2)Yeah. 1)Does she give good head? 2)You want to talk about your situation here or what? Youv’e been indited manslaugter in the first degree! 1)I know all of that. Now tell me why you’re here. 2)The truth? 1)No the bullshit Levinsky! I love listening to bullshit especially when I’m drowning in it!

1/ Your honour, if you don’t mind, I’ll be going…. rather…. slowly
2/ I mind, Mr Levinsky, get on with it!



Here we are at last.

I won’t be nuts for you!

It was womanslaughter only I struck first

Now you wanna know what I do for a living….. ask me…… my time is very expensive Mr McMillan, probably more expensive than yours. I get $500 an hour …. how much do you get??? I get 400 for a straight lay, 300 for a handjob and 500 for head….. if you wanna wear my panties, thats another 100…… you wanna take them home…. thats another 100. No whips ; no chains; no spikes….. I got liquor and grass…. anything else you bring your own……. It works like this….. I call you up….. we make a date……. I look you over and IF I LIKE YOU………we make a deal….. and darling I am worth the trouble, trust me if you want the best……. would you like the best Mr McMillan??? I’m talking about sending your body to heaven and sending your mind south. I’m talking about spoiling you soooo bad…… you’ll hate every other woman you touch. I’m talking about my mouth on your mouth and my tongue…….anywhere you want it. I’m talking about indulging your every fantasy then giving you those fantasies one by one……. just for you …. all for you ….. for nobody but you….. you get all that darling???? Would you like that, baby?? You get what I’m tellin ya?? Do you all GET what I’m tellin ya!!!!!!

You don’t frighten me, you lawyer-son-of-a-bitch!

You had the best, now you got me

You think giving blowjobs for 500 dollars is nuts, right? Well, I know women who marry men they despise so they can spend summers in the Hamptons…I know women who crawl through shit for a fur coat…I know women who peddle their daughters to hang on to their husbands. So don’t judge my blow jobs they’re sane – I lift my skirt, I’m responsible, I go down on my knees I AM responsible…..Now he can sign a piece of paper saying I’m nuts, but its just a piece of paper, and you can’t make me nuts that way no matter how many times you sign it; no matter how many times you say it you cant make nuts; or you mamma…so get it straight all of ya…I wont be nuts for you!

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