Movie Quotes from Nurse Betty: Quotes from the movie Nurse Betty

(1) Nothing like watching the tenpins fall.
(2) Hey, that’s a skill. They’re trying to get that in the Olympic games.

1) Where am I? Purgatory! 2) Worse, you’re in Texas

1. I see you’ve met david 2. Funny thing, he introduced himself as george 1. Yeah, he does that

Are you having a nervous breakdown?

Betty: [gesturing at Wesley’s meat sandwich] You sure you don’t want a salad?
Wesley: You sure you want a tip when I’m done?

Charlie: How’d they describe her?
Wesley: You know, blonde, thin, whatever.
Charlie: Slow down: blonde, thin, yeah. Did they say anything about style? Did they mention grace?

I saw your TV movie. It sucked! Hasselhoff blew you off the screen!

I won’t be home no more.

I’ll shoot that bitch like she scratched my car!

My friend says if you were any more handsome it would be a crime. It’s a shame you’re such an asshole.

Poor little fool.


three in the head and you know their dead

Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

You’re a grip! Go… grip something!

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