Movie Quotes from Nothing to Lose: Quotes from the movie Nothing to Lose

1) There’s a spider on your head. 2) What’s that supposed to mean? ‘There’s a spider on your head.’ You know I’m not up on all this street lingo… 1) There’s a spider on your mutha-fuckin’ head!

1)P.B. wants to see you ASAP 2)I have to go, there’s an onslaught of
initials coming at me.

1)There’s a spider on your head! 2) What’s that supposed to mean there’s a spider on your head 1) There’s a spider on your motherfucking head man

1)You shot me! You shot me! 2)Look I’m sorry, man. 1)You shot me!

1. In the first place, why even rob a convenience store? How much money could you possibly get, two or three hundred dollars? You’re set for two days, wow! 2. What could you possible know about it? 1. I know, if you go for the big score, one robbery, you’re set! 2. Here’s a newsflash, people with big money, they PROTECT it!

1. Why not use that information and GET A JOB? 2. Look at me, I’m not exactly the corporate color. 1. That’s not true, if you really wanted a job, you could have one.

1.(gags) I swear, white people got different taste buds than us. 2. That’s a very racist thing to say.

1: Freeze suckerbitch!!
2: That was much better.
1: Thank you, Henry, see ya later.
3: What the hell is a suckerbitch?

1: I beat you.
2: I carried the damn bag!
1: I still beat you.
2: Beat me at what? Climbing steps? Guess we’ll be calling you the Step King.

1: I never noticed before, but you really got nice eyes.
2: Shut up!
1: But you do!

1: I’m a student of human nature.
2: You’re a freak of human nature.

1: I’m not rich.
2: Oh yeah? How big’s your TV?
1: What?
2: I said how big’s your TV?
1: 50 inch!
2: Ah get in the car.
1: Please, let’s not make this a social issue!

1: Nick, are you aware that there are only two kinds of people on the whole planet? There are killers and then there’s everybody else. I’m the killer, Nick, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, what are you, Nick?!
2: I’m married!

1: Not bad Nick, not bad — for a cheatin’ bitch.
2: Hey! Don’t you call her that, you don’t know her, don’t say that.
1: Okay, okay, no disrespect. What should I call her? ‘Monogamously challenged’?

1: So you’re not having an affair?
2: No, you dick!

1: That mask sweaty?
2: I think that’s the one.
1: I hid it behind my balls. Ha ha.

1: The guy that sold me that camera set up our computer network.
2: Windows NT?
1: No, just Windows.
2: Man, get out of here with that shit.

1: There’s a spider on your head.
2: What?
1: There’s a spider on yo head.
2: Look, I’m sorry, I’m not up on all this jive talkin’, home boy lingo, what’s that supposed to mean? ‘There’s a spider on your head’?
1: It means there’s a spider on your motherfuckin’ head, man!
2: Well get it off! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!
1: I ain’t touchin’ that shit!

1: Why can’t we use the elevator?
2: Because there’s a guard that patrols the building.
1: This is bullshit!

>pop< Turn your bed down. Muhahahahahhaha

Back the fuck off!!!
Back the fuck off!!!
Back the fuck off!!!
I said back the fuck off!!!
Didn’t I said ‘back the fuck off’?
Yes, I think I said ‘back the fuck off’!
So back the fuck off!!!
BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back the fuck up before I kick you in your bitch-ass chin!

Bart: They were THERE and you let them get away?
Sheriff: They were driving a 1997 Chevy
Bart: License plate?
Sheriff: Jesus Christ Bart, if I had a license plate I wouldn’t be standing here eating large quantities of shit, now would I?

Boy, did you pick the wrong guy on the wrong day!

But you keep on smackin’ me, Momma!

Did you fuck him up?
Did you whoop his ass?

Dirty low down and bad.

Don’t look at me like that. Are you surprised I know shit?

excuse me sir, come here, come here, come here…now look, henry, we’re gonna take some things outta here, you’re just gonna stand there, you gotta problem with that? no. Good!

(Nick start hitting him)
hey, why are you acting so mean?
I mean when you’re cool and collected you’re much more scarier!
THAT’S BULLSHIT, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a lucky day.

Hey there, lonely girl.

Hey, will you cut it off, this music’s depressing.

I bet you guys sell mor girl scout cookies!
How you callin’ yourself back then?
Yolanda, you little bitch?
Cynthya? Susan? Shit, I can’t remember!

I can get my life back.

I can’t believe it. I’m actually getting my gun to go after bad guys.

I done fucked around with the wrong white boy!

I hate to kill an unarmed couple. You and your prom date.

I think I finally found someone I like less than you.

I want a divorce. It’s a physical thing. I’ve been experimenting with other men lately. A lot of other men… and women. I don’t know. I mean, Antonio can do this thing with his tongue, and Willam’s stamina is amazing. And as far as hands go, your father’s hands are… You are no match.

I was present at time of creative insperation, which entitles me to partial ownership in this criminalistic endever…ha ha… I want half!

I’m locked in the car with psycho-freaky Jason hack-killer motherfucker!
Hey, please don’t kill me, freaky Jason!
I said please don’t kill me freaky Jason!!

If I had no loot.

Is that mask sweaty? Thats the one I hid behind my balls.

Let’s get this over with, I can’t believe I’m committing an armed robbery for two flashlights.

Man I would’ve went back to that house and pulled the terminator on the front door, BOOM BOOM BOOM, who the fuck you think you’re playin with woman?! What do you think I am some fruity pie I ain’s no fruity pie… I’m Nick Beam, that’s what I’d say, I’m Nick Beam, and Nick Beam ain’t puttin up with that bullshit…she’d been crying..oh, Nick, Nick take me back, please, it was only one time…im gonna one time ure for Nick Beam, I’m fit, lit, and I damn sure ain’t taken any shit! So you… can get the fuck… out. That’s what I’d tell the bitch.

mr beam, mr beam, mr beam, you can stay with me forever mr beam!

My ass fell asleep. I didn’t know an ass could fall asleep. It’s all tingley and shit.

NICK: Honestly, Henry. Who do you think was more scary? Me or him?
NICK: Really? Why?
HENRY: Well, the ‘freeze, motherfucker’ part was quite scary. Then he also lead me to believe that if I moved my ass, he’d blow it off.

nick: i’m not down with all this jive lingo talk, what does that mean, ‘there’s a spider on your head’? terrance: it means…there’s a spider…on your mother fuckin head

Nick: You SHOT me! I can’t believe you SHOT me!
T: I’m sorry, man.
Nick: You don’t just say you’re sorry when you SHOOT someone! (takes off shirt)
T: DAMN, Nick, that is one UGLY mess!
Nick: Shut up.
T: Hey, maybe if you put your arm on ice they can reattach it.
Nick: Shut up! It could have been a lot worse!
T: You’re right, I’m sorry. Don’t get upset, Nick…you’ll upset your wound!

Not tonight.

Nothin’ to lose.

Now all I want is twenty dollars on pump number fifteen and a sour fruity twist, is that too much to ask?

now honestly, which one did you think was scarier? Honestly? Uh-huh! He was scarier. Hahahaha!! Really, you didn’t find what he did contrived? No, it was scary. Well Well, what part? Well the freeze motherfucker part was scary and uh he led me to believe that if i moved my ass it it might be blown off…You were scary too!

Oh Great… Buford’s come to kill us.

Persistent hillbilly muthafucka!

Route 66.

Se you when you get there.

T: alright u spanish bitch! drop the fuckin gun! drop the fuckin gun!! I said drop the motherfuckin gun!!! Gimme this, motherfucker!! Now get the fuck outta here before I bang your fuckin brains out!!
You hear me u motherfuckerz?! u wanna cookie? Heres da cookie!! Now bye-bye, bitches!! (shoots 5 bullets to rigs tires) bye cowboyz!!

There’s a spider on your head. / What do you mean? I’m not down with all that ghetto lingo..What does that mean? There’s a spider on your head.. / It means..there’s a spider…on your mothafuckin head..

They dont look like cops!
nick: definitely not cops!
rig: get outta da car!!
T: (draws toy gun) alright motherfuckerz, get the fuck outta the car!!
rig draws giant shotgun.
T: (throws toy out) oh shit! we cool, im cool, we cool! yo, yo guys live ’round here somewheres?

Welcome to hell, biiiiiiiiiiitch!
Car, keys, wallet, NOW!!
D’you hear what I said?
Okay, now you listen and you listen goooood.
This is a gun, okay? Don’t be fucked around with no gun, white boy!

Well here’s a synonym for procreation-FUCK YOU!

Well would you look at these crazy sons-a-bitches.

What kind of man stays out til 2:30 in the morning then comes back lookin’ like a bruised turd?

Where do I start? It’s not you. Well actually it is you. Look, I’m just not… I’m not attracted to you anymore. I need space. You kinda… you kinda gross me out. In the beginning it was different. In the beginning you were better. But then I got to know you real well, and I came to realize that you’re a fat idiot.

Will ya look at these crazy sons-of-bitches…

You don’t say sorry when you shoot somebody. You can say sorry when you step on someone’s toe, or accidentally break their glasses, or when you fart while they’re eating.

You done cut the dick off a statue.

You hear that Gila Monsters?

You know when a sweet mouth girl like you has a fancy case like this a man gets to thinkin’ where’s a wallet? I’m gonna need that wallet, Alice. Where’s that big fat wallet? Give it to me. Give me your fucking wallet you little bitch.

You must be fast.

You’ve been so good up to now.

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