Movie Quotes from Nothing Sacred: Quotes from the movie Nothing Sacred

–You mean they’ll like me just because I’m dying?
–Oh, that’s a cruel way to put it. No. They’ll like you because you’d be a symbol of courage and heroism.

–You’ve lived here all your life?
–Twice as long.

Excuse? Excuse?! Look at that! Look at that skeleton! Not a bone missing, down to the last healthy vertebra! Intact! Read that! Rub your nose in it! That’s Hazel Flagg–the biggest fake of the century! A lying, faking witch with the soul of an eel and the brain of a tarantula!!!

I’m not going to have you arrested. I’m going to put you on the payroll – as a janitor!

I’ve been wandering through your fascinating metropolis for an hour.

It’s kind of startling to be brought to life twice, and each time in Warsaw.

You’ll be a sensation. The whole town’ll take you to its heart. You’ll have everything you ever dreamed of, and you’ll have it on a silver platter. You’ll be like Aladdin with a magic lamp to rub.

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