Movie Quotes from Next Friday: Quotes from the movie Next Friday

(Day Day and Roach singing together) How many of us have them?…friends…ones we can depend on?…friends/ (Joker) SHUT THE FUCK UP!….I don’t even like Whodini!

(Day-Day approaches Ms. HoKym, holds out his fist.)Ancient Chinese Secret!I’m Korean, motherfucker!Why that fat-ass Chinese lady take the money and not give me no play?

(Joker, Lil’ Joker, and Baby Joker open the front door and aim guns at Day-Day and Roach)
1)What the fuck do you two want? 2)Came to borrow some sugar. 1)Does this look like a fucking 7-eleven to you, homes? Do you see the red dot in the middle of my forehead, ese, or the ATM machine in the corner that don’t work? Do you? No! So, fuck you, my friend. Get the fuck outta here, Day-Day. (Points to Roach.) You too, Slim Shady.

(singing) How many of us have them? Friends! Ones we can depend on. Friends!

(talking about his car)1) and i got the 20s 2)those aint 20s 1)yeah they are, there.. no they 10s they 10 but they nice though

*(smells tha dogs cum on his pants)* Says-Must be some yoghurt or something…

*ya’ll can’t fuck wit’ the police*


1) daddy where my shirt at? DADDY where my shirt? 2) Which one the pink one? 1) Hell yahh! 2) Sorry bout that son, ran outta toliet paper, shure was soft though! 1) You Wipped your ass with my shirt?!! 2) I told you not to leave your shit in the bathroom!

1) whos this? 2) just tell him …you can calllll on tyrooone

1)Man you got a restraining order on a little girl named Baby D 2)You dont know Baby D, thats why you be looking at me like that, cuz you dont know Baby D. She knows when all the bootleg snacks come out. grrr grrr.. cupcake got a new twinkie comin out next month… grr grrr… its a bad motha fucka…. grr grrr… when u bite into it cream shoots into ur mouth… the glitter

1)u no who u f**king wit 2)bishop tuti 1)try again muthaf**ker 1)winnie mandela’s.. 2) try AGAIN muthaf**ker 2)some ugly ass black dude!

1)you bin chewing on this sh*t man? 2)kiss my ass muthaf**ker so wot!

ain’t got no time….gotta go miss hoe. don’t mind him dada just bein a smart ass

Ay Papi I like it Rough!
Good Cuz thats How you gonna Get it!
(tears Off clothes) They call him Mini Me
Dont Look AT me Dont Look At me!!!
They call me elastic warrior!

Aye holmes, hes just a dog… he did nothing to you *chico get over here, you stupid ass dog* I am calling the RSPCA on you… hes scarred for life man!

Baby D’s gonna FUCK YOU UP!

Count My Money …Party With Bitches
Lots of $50s ….Big Ass Titties
Count My Green…Get In Between Them Titties

Count my money, party with bitches, hundreds and fitys, big ass titties, count the green, get in between those titties. Fuck it homes lets party!

Craig, its going to be different living out here. Dont let your uncle or cousin get you into any shit now you hear me?

Craig: Hey unc who is that out there at day day’s car?
Leroy: Thats D’wana, boys ex…Hey day day that crazy bitch out there again.
Craig: What’s she doin with that big ass key…scratchin the hell out of it…goddamn!
Day Day: What ya’ll standing around fuckin look at this shit, huggin and shit!

cupcake got a new twenkkie camming out. it’s a bad mutherfucker. when you bite in to creme and glider start rushin out.

dang daddy i ain’t know you had titties

Darks In hot and colors in cold essay …your gonna ruin my dickies!!

Day Day! It’s that crazy bitch again!

Day Day: Ay! She a sackchaser man. I tried to hit it and she wouldn’t even give me none yet. It ain’t gone work, I bet you don’t get none, I bet you don’t get it…I bet you don’t get it. I hope you don’t get it… Craig: Where you goin? Carla: To the Kukamunga Shopping Center. Day Day: Let it go man, I’m tellin you, let it go!

Day Day: Joker, call your dog and quit bullshittin! Joker, you play too much, cawl yo dowg! Man, quit playin! Get off my car! Get off of my shit! Craig: I ain’t gettin down, watch out! I got sum’m for ’em. Day Day: Hit his ass again! Fuck this…fuck! Joker: I can’t believe he did that to our dog, eh. Day Day: You uncle Willie’s son, you Uncle Willie’s son! You don’t play dat shit! Joker: Cruelty to animals, Essay, cruelty to animals! Chico get your stupid ass over here, eh. That’s wrong Essay, that’s wrong he did nothing to you! Day Day: Get down, get down, get down, GET DOWN! C’mon, man! Look at my roof! Look at my roof! Look at my ROOF! You play to much! Now, if I get into it wit dem, I goo I gah live here, you don’t! Don’t be gittin in…you gone get me in trouble! Get out the way! Move, just move! Shit! Craig: I was just tryin ta hel…I was just trying to help yo scarry ass!

Dem aint twenties, but dey off da hook.

Ding ding schools in Bitch!!!!!!!!

Don’t step in my mother fuckin garden mother fucker! I just plantedthat shit!

dont be stepin on these flowres motherfucker i just planted this shit

Dont you be steppin on my shirt man do you know what this is? this is Versace. Can you even spell Versace? Yeah… F O….sachi

Fat bitches need love to Craig

fat bitches need love too craig

Feel 5 pounds lighter, what? jealous?

get out of here hood rat, the party’s over, and take that shit with you… ¡CALL ME!

grrr grrr.. cupcake got a new twinkie comin out next month… grr grrr… its a bad motha fucka…. grr grrr… when u bite into it cream shoots into ur mouth… the glitter

hey Daa Daa, that crazy bitch at there again.

Hey Esa! look what you do to my dog man. cruelty to animals

hey girl you suposed to be 1000 feet away from my house what you doin over here. What it look like nigger you cant quit me im pregnant with your baby. That aint my baby, that may baby over there

i can’t get jiggy wit this sh*t muthaf**ker!

I don’t like locked doors around him man they make me crazy! No More Locked Doors! Gracies

I heard there’s no gravity on the moon. Maybe if we get high there, we’ll never come down.

I know black people… they got a lot of sugar man

I luv ya you my nephew but dont let me catcha in my frigerater and dont let me catcha with your finger in my sugar bowl . you feel me knocken i fell ya then let me in

I roll a blunt better then them bitches in Havanna

I think Karla has jungle fever esay
Ey Chico, its lunch time!
Yea get tha fucker! Know you like dark meat!
Ey, black man can jump esay!
I cant believe he did that to our dog
Crualty to animals esay, crualty to animal!
Chico get yo **** stupid ass over here
Thats wrong esay, thats wrong he did nothing to you
Fuckin with my dog esay, you fucked up now!
You fucked im up fo live ey, hes scarfed
Gonna get you back ey.. fucker

i want my money back an i dont av no god damn receit!

I’m Bilingual Leroy Theres a Difference!

I’m Korean muthafucka

im a playa for the kukamonga craka killas

im a player! im a pimp! you got your shirt on backwards there playa!
playas fuck up!

im feelin fade and X-rated. Its mista nastay time!

im not stupid your stupid and dont call me stupid in sensetive

Craig: Ay, man, you straight? Day Day: Hell naw, I ain’t straight! Look at my eyes, they still red? Craig: Yeah, a lil bit. Day Day: A lil bit. Craig: Man, she fucked you up! Day Day: I can’t taste nuttin’, my tongue is numb, man! Why yall sit and let her do the shit? Craig: Pssst. That’s yo girl. What’s up wit her, man? She mean as hell. Day Day: Aw, man, I met D’Wanna bout three months ago, right? She had a lil pudge in her stomach. But I ain’t pay no ‘tention to it. I thought it came from drankin 40’s and shit, cuz she had a lil beer on her breath. Come to find out she 6 months pregnant! Talkin bout I’m the babies daddy. Craig: What? Day Day: Hell, yeah. Craig: How you gone be the baby’s daddy? Day Day: Yeah, man. Craig: You know she lyin! Day Day: Man, I broke up wit D’Wanna two Friday’s ago. I got a restrainin order on her and she don’t care nothin about that or none of that shit. Craig: What? Day Day: You got me fuckin up. Yeah, I broke up wit her two months ago…two Friday’s ago, and she still be strainin, she don’t care nothin about no restrainin order or nothin! Craig: You alright wit dem pants, man? Day Day: Man, quit…get out my bidness! Craig: How you gone have a restrainin order, man, on your girl? Wassup wit yall, man, where you meet her? Day Day: I was on my way back to the hood to buy dem 20’s. I mean dem 10’s, dey 10’s…but I keep em clean, I was on my way to buy dem, and she had a Carl, Jr. burger in her hand I was standin there I wanted a piece of it and I stopped, and we got to rappin and that’s how it happened. It was the worse day of my fuckin life! Craig: Psycho, huh? She must be worse than Left Eye from TLC or som’m. Day Day: Yeah, but this fat bitch ain’t burnin. That ain’t the whole part. She gotta lil sister named Baby Dee. I’m tellin you…this fat bitch get physical. She sell dope, do hair AND babysit out the same house. Police don’t know when to kick the door in! I gotta restrainin order on her fat ass, too! C

It’s Mr. Nasty time! (we’ll be back in five minutes)

Man dont kill me i gotta girlriend and a wife on the side

man ya betta quit smacking me im gonna beat your ass like craig did, knock your fuckin eye strait

man, you better stop running from that girl.

negro what the hell you doin to my woman…..suga what the hell you doin to my nephew……….oh i thought that was you baby

next friday is GAY

No Leroy, I’m bilingual…there’s a difference

no more locked doors

Off yo ass and on yo feetAin’t no time ta beat cho meat

oooh, you got a fat aaass

Pinky:Dayday is that choyo cuzin.

Dayday: yea thats my cuzin.

Pinky: well then your fired you too roach.

Roach: whad i do pinky?

Pinky:Dayday is that choyo cuzin.
Dayday: yea thats my cuzin.
Pinky well then your fired you too roach.
Roach: whad i do pinky?

Playa, you got your shirt on backwards….Maaan don’t worry bout this shit, why y’all not do nothin when the fat bitch whenlkjselrkj

Playaz fuck up

Put some more hot sauce on my burrito baby, you look soooo good to me

Sell ya car, What, sell ya mammas car i aint sellin my car fa dis

She do hair, baby sit AND sell dope out the same house – Police don’t know when to kick the door in

She know all the bootleg snacks before they come out!

Snatch the shit off ya head

Somethings up with those esays over there

That’s bullshit Pinky

Then there’s my brother Elroy…everybody loves Elroy…lazy good for nothin’!

This is bullshit Pinky!

This is WACK! I can’t get jiggy with this shit!Bullshit motherfucker! Kiss my ass! So what?

twenties and fitties…big ass titties….count da green ..get in between..dos big ass titties…fuck it homes lets go

We got to rappin and thats how it started it was the worst day of my fuckin life

we just stopped by for some sugar… yeah and some rolling papers… i was gonna roll a nice blunt and then teach this white boy how to make kool-aid.

What the fuck did u do to my dog man?

ya’ll cant fuck wit tha po-lice ya’ll cant fuck wit tha po-lice

You ’bout to suck my motha fuckin’ lip up!

you gonna ruin my Dickies!

you like it rough il give it to u rough like an arctic warrior ahowwwwwwwww

You’re making me suspi-suspi-suspi… (suspicious)… YOU’RE MAKING ME THINK A LOT!

you’ve heard of el nino? well this is el negro. come on down here and let me tap that ass

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