Movie Quotes from Neighbors: Quotes from the movie Neighbors

-I don’t care about your weight or your false teeth.
-I haven’t got false teeth!
-I’ sorry, I guess they just look false.

Am I right? You the bastard whose been mouthing off to my dad? He smashed my car and punched me in the stomach!
Oh yeah! How would you like your nuts nailed to your forehead?

Believe me, I know women. Upside down and backwards, which is not a
bad way to know ’em, huh?

God, does it always shrivel up like that when you shower?

Heard you got a whore in there!

Hello, I Love You.

I was real friendly with a boy named Earl once – well, twice really.

Stay here on the outer limits of the dead end zone? Nothing personal,
but life at the end of the road just ain’t for Captain Vic and Empress
Ramona. Sorry folks, but you can color us gone.

VIC: And that is where you saw her mami?
Earl: Her mammals?
Vic: Her honkers Earl.

VIC:Whaddya say neighbor?
EARL: Welcome to the end of the road..I guess.
VIC: It’s a great house!
EARL: Thanks!
VIC: I mean mine!

We haven’t any children, unless Ramona just pumped one out and didn’t
tell me about it.

What is Elaine doing about sex…is she getting probed?

Why did you give the dog our steak?

You just put back that cup you keep swiching Earl or it will be pump city!

You should have slipped it through the mail slot while you had the
chance, Earl.

Your pretty lucky having a swamp next to your house!

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