Movie Quotes from Negotiator, The: Quotes from the movie Negotiator, The

-I like westerns, like Shane.
-It’s interesting that you picked one where the hero dies.
-What are you talking about? He doesn’t die. He rides off into the
sunset and that kid says ‘Come back, Shane’.
-That’s a common misconception. In the last frame he’s slumped over on his horse.
-I didn’t know that.

/You told me no Farley, you can’t say no, never say no in a hostage situation/
/Danny would you just relax a little bit/
/I’m relaxed, I’m very fucking relaxed. Now let me give you some advice. Never say no to a hostage taker, It’s in the manual. Now are you gonna tell me no again?/

1) i first found out Nathan was conducting the investigation after i spoke to you after he was killed.
2)your lying and i know your lying!
1)what you know, are reading my mind?!
2)no your eyes

1) Is anybody hurt up there?
2) were ok just be sayin’ no no more muther fuka

a marine and a sailor arein the bathroom taking a piss
when the marine goes to leave without washing up
the sailor sez ‘in the navy they teach us to wash our hands’
when the marine turns to the sailor and sez ‘ in the marine they teach us not to piss on our hands!

A: You know, I once talked a man out of blowing up the Sears Tower, but I cannot talk my wife out of the bedroom or my kid off the phone.

B: That’s because no one is standing behind you with a big gun.

A: Oh, that’s debatable.

according to some people i look fat in ski clothes

i dont want anything moving in that fucking river.

i dont want totalk to anyone but chris sabien

i know you heard me say both of them

i want you to appolagise to your mother for saying she looks…wide

I’m not going to jail to day!

i’m roody so don’t shoot me thinkin’ i’m him please!


Navy man comes in to take a piss…
An Air Force man is in there with him.
The navy man walks out without washin’ up.
The Air Force man says: In the air force…they teach us to wash our hands.
Navy man says: In the navy, they teach us not to piss on our hands.

No! You just cost someone their life! Game Over!

now i think about i am glad your here.

Omah, A marine and a sailor are in the bathroom taking a piss. The marine goes to laeve without washing up. The sailor says ‘In the navy they teach us too wash our hands’. The marine turns to him and says (Omah joins in) ‘In marines, they teach us not to piss on our hands’.

remebmer crazy is on the bus.

rememer crazy is on the bus.

Rudy: …so you have got to get me the fuck out of here, now!
Neebalm: Do yourself a favour Rudy and shut the fuck up.
Rudy: Oh fuck you!

she thinks your as guilty as i am

sit your ass down

SLJ [talking through door to Omar]: …like Raoule, right Omar, Rauole.
Omar: Fucking hate Raoule
SLJ [to Nate]:Hates Raoule, Farley fucked up the list again!

SLJ: Now did you or did you not dress up as a school girl and get your ass spanked?

SLJ: You were wrong about me. But what if Im right about them?
KS: But what if you’re wrong about me?

take your guns off and put them on this table now!
(takes gun off)
i know you heard me say both of them

this was a bluff?!

we locked down elevators from 24 and down.

When your friends betray you, sometimes the only people you can trust are strangers.

you are not the sene commander i am.

You can’t talk me down!
you can’t make me change the dead line!
now get me sabbian!!!

You know what Nietzsche says…Even the strongest have their moments
of fatigue. And I’m fatigued, Danny. I’m just, I’m fucking fatigued.

you think you can talk me down farlley is that it?

You want my blood, take my blood!

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