Movie Quotes from Navy SEALS: Quotes from the movie Navy SEALS

(1) Did you fire your weapon? (2) Fucking-A… sir.

(1)God, give me a sign! (2)God here…

–For God’s sake, be careful out there!
–If I were going to be careful, I’d have joined the Coast Guard.

–This is starting to piss me off. Now cool out!
–Oh, I am cool. You should see me when I’m hot.

Did you get that rocket ready yet?!
Rexter: I would if i could figure the damn thing out!
Curren: It’s a one shot deal.
Rexter: What?
Hawkins: You miss, we die.

god what im i doing, i hardly know this woman.
(michael beihn)youve known her for three years chief

HAWKINS: Fellow cake-eater. CURRAN: Hot-shot. Rain Grenade? HAWKINS: Sure.

Hey hotshot… wanna brain grenade (i.e a beer)?

Hey! I’m still a part of this fucking outfit. Alright, grab your gear. We’re going to Beruit.

Hey-I’m still a member of this goddamn team. Allright-pack your shit. We’re goin to Beirut.

If I wanted safe I’ld have joined the Coast Guard.

If I wanted safe. I’d of joined the Coast Guard.

if you’re gonna stick it out… don’t be afraid to get it cut off

just tell me one thing, if we had been married, would I have gotten a flag?

There’s no reason to thank us because we don’t exist. You never saw us, this never happened…

This is God, switching to thermal.

Trust me with your life, not your money or your wife.

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