Movie Quotes from Narrow Margin: Quotes from the movie Narrow Margin

–I don’t think you realize the situation you’re in.
–I’ll take my chances.

–I prefer to drive myself.
–In case you need a quick getaway.

–What kind of a dame would marry a hood?
–All kinds.

-How come we’re flying so low?
-We’re not low, it’s the ground that’s high.

After my divorce, she took me on as some kind of a project.

I don’t suppose there’s a back door to this place?

I enjoy putting you away. I really do. If I wanted to make money, I’d have to defend you, and that wouldn’t be any fun…I’d always feel like I’d need to shower.

I feel like Phil Donahue.

I have to make my move before they make theirs.

I only drink while on duty.

I’m clumsy, but I have money.

If I want scenary, I’d get a postcard.

man: Let me tell you something. A ploice officer died trying to help get you back to Los Angeles. He was a good man. I’m going to get you back there, I promise. / lady: I can’t tell you what a comfort that is. / man: I don’t think I like you. / lady: So the weekend in Paris is off?

Nobody loves a fat man except his grocer and his tailor.

Oh, Michael…I lied.

She saw it. She was there.

This is my life we’re dealing with!

Well, here’s to community property.

What’re you gonna do, go out and shoot us some breakfast?

Why did you accept a blind date?

Yeah, I’m in the book.

You get on the train.

You got a good dental plan, do you?

You know we’ll find her. It’s only a matter of time.

You know what I like about you? You’re tall.

You see them before they had their first coffee, they raddle easier.

You were a witness to a murder and we’d like you to come back and testify.

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