Movie Quotes from Name of the Rose, The: Quotes from the movie Name of the Rose, The

1/ Master, how will we get out?
2/ With some difficulty…

1:Master? 2:Yes? 1: I have something to tell you… 2: I know.

How peaceful life would be without love, how safe, how tranquil and how very dull.

How peaceful life would be without love.
How safe,
How tranquil,
And how dull.

How peaceful life would be without love…how safe…how tranquil…how boring!

It seems that whenever you ask me a question, you already have the answer.

Monkeys do not laugh. Laughter is particular to man.

The man was burned at the stake, and I am still alive.

Try using your head instead of your heart, and we might make some progress.

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