Movie Quotes from Mystic River: Quotes from the movie Mystic River

–Do you remember the man’s name?
–Do I look senile to you?

–I loved her so much. I’m never gonna feel that again. It doesn’t happen twice.
–Doesn’t happen once most times.

–I’m married, Whitey.
–So was Bill Clinton. Didn’t stop him.

–What are you looking at?
–The old neighborhood.

–You guys again?
–Yeah. We’re like two bad pennies.

You do death alone, but I coulda helped her with the dyin’ part.

A dream of youth. I don’t remember having one.

Admit what you did, Dave, and I’ll let you live!!

And the hits just keep on coming.

Can you believe this? Man, it’s the same as Dunkin Donuts. It costs 15 times the price.

Doestic responsibilities?

Domestic responsibilities?

Everyone is weak, Jimmy. Everyone but us

He fucking punched me! He broke my nose!

I can’t trust my mind.

I don’t want him arrested. I WANT HIM FUCKING DEAD!

I heard Hitler’s mother wanted to abort him. At the last minute, she changed her mind.

I killed Dave. I killed him and I threw him in the Mystic. But I killed the wrong man. That’s what I’ve done….. I can’t un-do it

I know in my soul I contributed to your death…. but I don’t know how

I want him dead!

Is that my daughter in there?

Jimmy, what did you do?

Maybe we ought to grab a lawyer out of one of these BMWs up here.

My heart starts clocking a buck fifty because there’s no one around.

Oh, I get it. You’re the good cop.

One died. The other got busted. Went the noose route in his cell.

Reality is still eleven-year-old boys, locked in a cellar, imagining what our lives would’ve been like if we’d escaped

Saw a bullet with my name on it.

That’s her…That’s Katie…That’s my daughter.

The angel set the marker, and God sent to collect

The death part you do alone. But I could help her with the dying.

The last time I saw Dave.

This part…you do alone.

We bury our sins here, Dave. We wash them clean.

We got them, Jim.

You wanna spit somethin’?, spit it

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