Movie Quotes from My First Mister: Quotes from the movie My First Mister

A man of few words.A life with more questions than answers.He awoke in me my heart,which beats stronger because of him and all that he has left me.I think it’s time I got out of the elegy business.-J

Can I ask you a question?-Randy Sure.-R What are we suppose to talk about?-Randy I don’t know,I’m a fucking father.I’ll leave you money for therapy.-R

Death touched her lips to say goodbye.And to always remember the man who touched her first.Toched her with his heart that is hers forever,my first mister.-J

Death touched her lips to say goodbye.And to remember the man who touched her first.Toched her with his heart that is hers forever,my first mister.-J

eulogy #432

she was loved by no one. she chose indifference as her state of mind. she leaves behind not even a memory, because she never existed.

Good news,I didn’t get caught for stealing.Bad news,I got fired for farting.-J

home is a place where you keep yourself, and socks are for keeping everything warm.

I am in fact the boy who cried fuck.-R

I care about you more than anyone else in the world.-R

i don’t hate my family, i’m happy i’m not them, you know. hate’s an emotion, i’m not good with emotion and stuff…

I don’t know if you’re a good thing,or if you’re like the fucking plague.-Randy

I just want to let you know,as far as dads go you probably would have been an alright one.-Randy

I like chocolate.It’s warm and dark,the way I imagine a hug would be.-J

I missed you.-R You did?-J Yes I did.-R I missed you too.-J It’s good stuff this missing stuff.-R

i think its time i got out of the eulogy business

I wish I could have known you.-R Well,I don’t to drugs.-Randy *holds up arm with morphine drip* I do.-R I failed Algebra.-Randy That’s okay.I failed your mother.-R Yeah you did.She told me you were dead.-Randy I was.-R

I’d like to propose a toast to all the special f words: to friends,family,fate,forgiveness,and forever.-J

I’m a dick-R No,you’re not a dick,I’m very familiar with dicks.You are just a man that wouldn’t let anyone get close to him because you knew you were sick.-Patty

J: mom i need to tell you something important. Mother: oh look at you in this pretty green shirt. you match the jello! would you like some..

Look I’m a bitter asshole,okay.I have been most of my life,I usually keep it to myself though.-Randy

My lover is in the bathroom getting coffee out of his nose.-J

ode to my face jewelry metal:
shiny, sharp;
good pain i inflicted myself;
adorning my face;
where a smile used to be;
once as a baby;
when pain had no definition;
now grown and alone;
my jewelry off;
naked again;
identity gone

ode to my face jewelry metal;
shiny, sharp
good pain i inflicted myself
adorning my face
where a smile used to be
once as a baby
when pain had no definition
now grown and alone
my jewelry off
naked again
identity gone

R,I’d like to introduce you to your son.-J Son?-R&Patty Son.-J Dad!-Randy

R- you have all of these people who care about you, you have a family…
J- oh yeah, great family…
R- oh, so what if they’re all insane. go lock them up, who cares, at least they’re here. i wish my parents were here. i can’t even call them up to say ‘i hate you’. you don’t know how lucky you are…
J- i don’t feel so lucky…
R- well, you won’t let yourself…

Shut up Sybil,shut up-Randy Sybil?-J Yeah,you know the woman with eight home phone numbers.It’s not necessarily a bad thing.A woman with a plethora of personalities can be very enchanting. Fuck you-J Fuck you-Randy Fuck you-J Fuck you,all eight of you-Randy

so i’m sitting in creative writing class surrounded by alien creatures with pretentious names like ashley, cody. i’m not really into people.

Sup with you and the dying guy?-J’s dad. I only sleep with unavailable men.-Patty

Thanks twilight zone.-Randy

To dive or not to dive,the question of my generation.-J

well, i’m three quarter through the understanding stage, but it hurt me though. i’m just not good with pain, as if there really ever was good pain. i don’t know, i used to think so, but i don’t now… ramble, ramble, ramble..

What’s he like?-R He’s kind of like you.-J So he’s an asshole?-R Worse,he’s a pathetic loser asshole.-J That’s my boy.-R

Why can’t you be like other kids? Stand in lines at clubs,smoke cigars,dance,experiment with bisexuality.You know teenage stuff.-R

Would you stay?-R I don’t know,would you ask?-Patty

You know in spite of what you’re doing you should know you’re very beautiful.-R You think I’m beautiful?-J

You said two o’clock anal dude.What happened?You’re never late.-J

You still have your life.-R No I don’t.I don’t because I love you so much-J

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