Movie Quotes from My Dog Skip: Quotes from the movie My Dog Skip

1:They gave you a medal right? 2:I’d rather have the leg

here skip……here skipper!

I was an only child. He was an only dog.

Its not the dyin’ that’s scary,boy.Its the killin’.

Not bad…for a sissy.

Why in childhood and youth do we wish time to pass by so quickly. We want to grow up so fast, yet as a adults we wish just the opposite

[Dink has left for war on Willie’s birthday.]
Big Boy: Can’t believe that tittybaby lives right next door to Dink Jenkins!
Spit: TCH!
Big Boy: What a waste!

[The moonshiners have Willie and Skip trapped.]
Moonshiner 1: You listen to me, you little worm. You go tell anybody about where we’re hiding this here busthead, you wake up to find a dead pooch on porch. See… I’ve been needin’ me a new billfold. I think one made out of genuine doghide would be right slick. [Sinister chuckle.]

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