Movie Quotes from My Darling Clementine: Quotes from the movie My Darling Clementine

–Mac, you ever been in love?
–No, I’ve been a bartender all my life.

–We’re through talking, Marshal. My advice to you is start carrying your gun.
–That’s good advice.

I ain’t gonna kill you. I hope you live a hundred years, feel just alittle what my pa is going to feel. Now get out of town. Start wanderin’.

I heard a lot about you, too, Doc. You’ve left your mark around Deadwood, Denver, and places. In fact, a man could follow your trail, going from graveyard to graveyard.

Listen, Miss, I admire poker, but you’re increasing the odds.

Ma’am, I sure like that name…Clementine.

We’ll be waiting for you, Marshal, at the O.K. Corral.

What kind of a town is this, anyway?

Whe ya pull a gun, kill a man.

Wide-awake, wide-open town, Tombstone. Get anything you want there.

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