Movie Quotes from Music Box: Quotes from the movie Music Box

–Look, this is a mistake. You have the wrong Michael J. Laszlo.
–Like hell we do.

Grandpa Talbot got me a pony.

I spent my whole life trying to forget what I saw. Now I have to remember.

It is my country. I’ve been here 37 years.

It was you, Papa. You killed them all. I saw those photos.

Papa, it’s not you. It’s somebody else. They made a mistake. We’ll
clear it up. Don’t worry.

The holocaust is the world’s sacred cow.

There’s a big move from Damen Avenue to Lake Forest.

This Michael Laszlo must have lied when he got his citizenship. He’s accused of war crimes.

What do we know about our parents?

What I know war crime? I don’t do nothing like that. I not like that.

You got the wrong man.

You trust your heart, you gonna get it broken.

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