Movie Quotes from Murder, My Sweet: Quotes from the movie Murder, My Sweet

–How does one get to be a private detective? You don’t mind my sizing you up a little?
–Most are ex-cops. I worked for the D.A. Got fired.

–I never hired a detective before. What are the rates?
–As much as the traffic will bear.
–When can you start?
–I’ve already started.

–I thought detectives were heavy drinkers.
–Some of them are. Some of them just encourage other people to drink.

–What are you doing back here?
–I’m a homing pigeon.

–You mean I’m sprung?
–Get out of here and out of my hair.

A black pool opened up at my feet. I dived in. It had no bottom.

Did Marriott tell you who owned the jade he was buying back?

I don’t know which side anyone’s on, I don’t even know who’s playing today.

I get dragged in, get money shoved at me. I get pushed out, get money shoved at me. Everybody pushes me in, everybody pushes me out.

I have a psychological impediment.

I tremble at the thought of such violence.

I’m just a small businessman in a very messy business, but I like to follow through on a sale.

I’m tracing her for a client of mine.

It didn’t work out the way I planned, Moose. You got a refund coming.

It was a nice little front yard. Cozy. Okay for the average family.
Only you’d need a compass to go to the mailbox.

My fingers looked like a bunch of bananas.

Nobody wants me to do anything.

Okay, put a check in the mail. I cost a lot not to do anything. I get restless. Throw in a trip to Mexico.

That’s just part of my clothes. I hardly ever shoot anybody with it.

That’s what happens when a cop goes to college. He gets too smart.

The cops always like to solve murders done with my gun.

The joint looked like trouble, but that didn’t bother me. Nothing bothered me.

The name is Moose. On account of I’m large. Moose Malloy.

There’s no age limit on jealous husbands.

There’s something about the dead silence of an office building at night…Not quite real.

This will be the first time I ever killed someone I knew so little and liked so well.

We won’t get anyplace answering questions with more questions.

You faked the whole thing.

You shouldn’t kiss a girl when you’re wearing that gun…leaves a bruise!

You’re not a detective, you’re a slot machine. You’d slit your own throat for 6 bits plus tax.

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