Movie Quotes from Mr. 3000: Quotes from the movie Mr. 3000

2997? man that’s bullshit

3000 beeps

3000 cuts

3000 paws

3000 suds

3000 woks

get your sczechwan feast on at 3000 woks

it’s called pilates.
Stan Ross: Pi-what?

knick knack paddy whack get your dog a bone at 3000 paws

straight up and down like 6 o’clock

That man was safe!

that’s a girl pushup that don’t count

the hall of fame vote is in and stan ross is not the always controversial ex-brewer

there was a game in may of 1982 that was called for curfew

you bat there now you son of my dick

you have a hole in your ass.

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