Movie Quotes from Monster Squad, The: Quotes from the movie Monster Squad, The

#1-(pointing at girl) Is she a virshen? #2-(german accent) A virgen? Yes!! A virgen!! #3-She can’t speak German!!! #2-I’ll help her!!

#1-Nice shooting Fat Kid. #2-My name (pumps shotgun) is Horrace!!!

(Flips through old book and then stops on a page) Abraham Von Helsing. This is great!!! This is German.

1) Don’t go Frankenstein! Don’t go!
2) Bye!
3) Please Don’t Go Away!

1) Kick him in the nards, kick him in the nards! 2) Wolfman doesn’t have nards! 1) Just DO IT! (*kick*) 2) Wolfman has nards!

1) Mom says says you have to let me in the club or else that’s prescription! 2) that’s discrimination jerkoid, prescriptions drugs which you’re on if you think you’re getting up here!

1. How do you kill a warewolf? 2. With a silver bullet. 3. Uh-uh. Sorry Rudy!

All your sister does is hang around and let guys touch her tits.

C’mon guys…don’t be chicken shit.

Creature stole my twinkie

Gentlemen I’ve got 3 words for you: Scary German Guy.

Give me the amulet you bitch!

Give me the Amulet you………….BITCH!!

I will kill your son

Is she a vershen….yes a virgin we’ll use the girl…she can;t read shes 5 years old….I’ll help her!!

It was boss! We saw Dracula and I kicked wolfman in the nards!

Kick him in the Nards!!!

Kick him in the nards, wolfman doesn’t have nards . . . WOLF MAN HAS NARDS!

Lock me up!I’m a warewolf!

look here i’m the leader on of this squad.


Mummy came in my house.

Mummy came to my house.

Oh man- Fat Kid farted!

Scary German guy is bitchin’!

Sean, please don’t die.

This is great! This is… this is German.

Time is almost up. This is your last chance…for pie.

What’d you say faggot? WHAT’D YOU SAY?

What’d you say fat kid!? What’d you say!!?

Whatd you say fat kid? Whatd you say??

Where the hell am I suppossed to find silver bullets at…K-mart?

Wolfman got nards!

Wolfman got nards!!

Wolfmans got nards!

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