Movie Quotes from Mississippi Burning: Quotes from the movie Mississippi Burning

–This is a political meeting.
–Looks like Klan talk to me. With or without the Halloween costumes.

–You have to be a member to drink here.
–Member of what?
–Social club.

–You know, if I were a Negro, I’d probably think the same way they do.
–If you were a Negro, nobody would give a damn what you thought.

Agent Ward:Some things are worth dying for.
Agent Anderson:Down here, things are different; here, they believe that some things are worth killing for.

Anderson, you gettin’ so far up my nose, I’m beginning to feel your
boot straps on my chin!

Anderson: Now you listen here you backwoods shitass you. You got about 2 seconds to get the sheriff out here or I’ll kick the God damn door in.

Clinton: Do you like baseball, do you, Anderson?
Anderson: Yeah, I do. You know, it’s the only time when a black man can wave a stick at a white man and not start a riot.

Don’t you have the whole world to save?

Down here they say rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide.

How ’bout you Deputy? That gun of yours just for show or do you get to shoot people occasionally?

if i were a nigger i would bust my ass in on these white folk

If you’re ever in Des Moines, don’t send me a postcard.

Mr. Ward: Anyone’s guilty who watches this happen and pretends it isn’t.

Now listen here, Shitkicker. Don’t go confusin’ me with some whole other body. You must be thinkin’ with your dick if you think we’re gonna just walk away from this. We’re here ’till the end.

Sheriff Stuckey: Rest of America don’t mean jackshit. You’re in Mississippi now.

Take my hand precious Lord.

They only left me a nigger but at least i shot me a nigger

Try Jesus.

Walk on by Faith.

What’s wron with these people?

What’s wrong with these people?

When we all get to heaven.

Why did he kill himself? He wasn’t in on it…he wasn’t in the Klan …

You know what these small towns are like. A girl spends her entire time in high school trying to marry some guy and spends the rest of her life trying to figure out why.

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