Movie Quotes from Mission: Impossible 2: Quotes from the movie Mission: Impossible 2

#1 Good morning, Mr. Hunt. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves recovery of a stolen item Chimera. You may select any two team members but the zhird team member must be NYah Nordoof- Hall.She is a civilian and a highly capable profesional thief. You have 48 hours to recruit Miss Nordoof- Hall and meet me in Seville to recieve your assignment. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. And Mr.Hunt next time you go on holiday let us know where. This message will self- destruct in five seconds. #2 If I let you know where I´m going, then I won´t be on holiday.

(1): So you think it will be difficult?
(2): Very.
(1): Well Mr Hunt, this is Mission Impossible, not mission difficult. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.

(1): What were you trying to do, rob me?
(2): Well the thought had crossed my mind.

–Don’t you think we should wait a decent interval?
–Who wants to be decent?

-Hunt you should have killed me

1) Awfully short notice.
2) Care to wait a decent interval.
1) Who wants to be decent.

1) You keep calling me Dimitri. You really shouldn’t.
2) You’re not Dimitri.
1) No.

1)This wasn’t exactly by the book. 2)They’ve got a book for this? 1)They’ve got a book for everything.

1)Would it make you feel better if I didn’t want you to do this. 2)Yeah much. 1)Then Feel Better.

1. Where did you get this number? I don’t even have it!
2. Would you like it?

BILLY: You alright mate?
LUTHER: That punk just put a hole in my Versace!

Damn, you’re beautiful.

Every search for a hero must begin with something which every hero requires…a villain.

For you mister Hunt, it’s just another walk in the park!

Haha! You know, that was the hardest part of having to portray you…grinning like an idiot every 15 minutes!

However we travel, I must arrive in my destination within 20 hours of departure.

Hunt you should have killed me!

HUNT: And you knew that Nakorvitch’s way of smuggling the virus in was through himself, using his bloodstream as a petri dish, you knew that did you. I bet you were so busy trying to knock of that 747 that you hadn’t worked out what Chimera really was.
AMBROSE: I knew what it was!

I don’t do laundry, cook, or put up with cheeky bastards that set me up on there territory so they can poach on mine.

I don’t have a conscience. I’m a bloody thief.

I see you found it.

I’m a bloody thief!

I’m not going to lose you

If I let you know where I’m going, I won’t be on holiday.

Just Stay Alive!!!

McCloy: What are you doing?
Ambrose: Get down on your knees. Now, this is what’s know as getting your gun off. [Shoots Hunt, not realising it is actually Stamp!]

My kinda scene.

Now there’s a bloke that knows how to give a proper welcome. Don’t get me wrong, mate. You were very friendly also.

Oh I’m mad Now!


Put doUn a thoUsand fer me… To win? Why else!

Run – that – bastard – doUn!!!

Sean Ambrose: You know women mate, they won’t let go of one branch until they have got hold of the next!

The satellite doesn’t work as fast as I do.

To go to bed with a man and lie to him? She’s a woman. She’s got all the training she needs.

Well Dimitri, every search for a hero must begin with something that every hero requires…a villian. In our search for Baleraphone, we have created a most effective…CHIMERA.

Well this is not mission difficult Mr Hunt, its mission impossible. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.

Well, Dimitri, every search for a hero must begin with something every hero needs, a villain. So in a search for our hero, Bellerophon, we have created a monster, Chimera.

What are you going to do, spank me?

You keep calling me Dimitri. You really shouldn’t.

You keep staring at that watch as if your life depended on it.

You know women, mate… monkeys, they are… won’t let go of one branch until they’ve got hold of the next

You know… that was the hardest part about having to portray you… grinning like an idiot every fifteen minutes!

You’ll go doUn in history as a Ty Fort Mary Avage…. Good Day!!

You’re not gonna shot me Sean. Not this bitch. Cause she’s worth 37 million pounds.

You’re sorry and I’m sorry

You’re sorry and I’m sorry.

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