Movie Quotes from Mission to Mars: Quotes from the movie Mission to Mars

1: But that 3% gives you, Ienstine, Motzart…
2: Jack the Ripper
3: Yeah he’s right

1: Dear God, look at that!
2: Is that him?
3: Have a great ride Jim

1: Has it been tested?
2: Are you kidding? This equitment is way to exspensive.
2: Do it

1: My baby
2: Hmm? What is it now?
1: A frog?

critical systems alert!

Dance the night away.

Don’t like the dark. Need some lights, need some lights.

Fil isn’t here right now, he left for Earth 5 minuets ago! Please leave a message after the beep!!

Guys I don’t know what the hell we just did but does that lok like a hostile gesture to you?

Hey I don’t like it any more then you do.

I didn’t come 180 million miles just to turn back in the last 10 feet.

I love you! See how much i love you…

Ok, we’re ready to light this candle

Or his entire crew died and he’s been marooned on Mars for a year.

TERRI: There’s pressure in here. That’s impossible!
JIM: We’re millions of miles from Earth, inside a giant, white face. What’s impossible?

This is what I was born for.

We may have found the key to perminent human colonisation

We’re trying not to go too nuts up here

Were millions of miles from Earth, in a gient white face, what’s imposable?

Yeah and drifting for eternity would ruin your day.

You are saying,it came out of the top of the mountain?

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