Movie Quotes from Mission, The: Quotes from the movie Mission, The

I once had a chap before me who’d been caught stealing from the mess. I ordered every alternate fingernail to be removed, and you know, I still get a card from him every Christmas.

I tried to teach the rudiments of rugby football. But it wasn’t really their sort of thing. They hang on to the ball for too long. Weeks, sometimes.

If might is right, then love has no place in the world.

If might is right, then love has no placein the world. I can’t live in a world like that.

If you’re right, you’ll have God’s blessing. If you’re wrong, my blessing won’t mean anything.

The locals had never seen a bicycle before. They used to call me: The Man on the Starving Horse.

They are not naturally animals, they are naturally spiritual…We are going to make Christians of these people.


You see, what I think is wrong with the country today is that there aren’t enough people chained up.

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