Movie Quotes from Mighty Ducks, The: Quotes from the movie Mighty Ducks, The

1) what did your last coach have you do?
2) nothing, he just stood around and yelled a lot
3) yeah until he hurt his arm.
1) hurt his arm?
4) yeah, you stupid,lousy,little shits. you suck..uh, uh..*grabs arm and falls.*
1)Heart attack

1)Coach are you gonna be at the game tomorrow?
2)By order of the state of Minnesota…yes.

1)Gordon, are you prepared to lose your job over some kids? Some game?
2)Are you prepared to fire me over some kids? Some game?

1)That ninja stuff makes you look so..I don’t know how you say, umm…
2)Ruggedly handsome?
1)Amazingly stupid!!

1. Be careful man, it almost hit me that time! 2. Goldberg, you’re the goalie. It’s supposed to hit you. 1. Does that sound stupid to anyone else?

1. I don’t mind losing, I would just like to lose fair. 2. Losing fair is still losing, Frank!

1. Take the fall, act hurt, can you dig it!? 2. One more time!!


Adam, Adam you ok? What did you do? Boy; My job.

cake eater


Cat lady-Fultin scored fultin scored i am really bored fultins great fultins great even though he cant really skate.

Coach: I thought you guys came here to play hockey! Boy: See guys, I knew we forgot something!

Connie: Thank you Dwayne but I’m no lady, I’m a Duck! Huh!

Gordon: Pethatic! you guys were brought here to play hockey!
Jesse: what about two?
Gordon: What about me Jesse?
Julie: Couch Stansson knew everything about us, So they’re were ready for us…
Fulton: Or hanging with the iceland lady. we saw you two on saturday night!
Portman: Eating ice cream with the enemy, how couch?
Everyone: What?????
Connie: you kidding?
Gordon: Hey. what i do is none of your bussines, is that clear? don’t take those pads off, everyone stand in your gears, we have practice…
Goldberg: Tonight?

Ducks fly together!

Every time you touch the ice remember it was Hans who taught us to fly.

Forget it cake-eater! If you wanna play, play with yourself!

Forget it, Cake-eater. If you wanna play, play with yourself.

fulton scored fulton scored i am really bored fultons great fultons great a year ago he couldnt even skate

God, what did you eat?!

Goldberg: be careful man, that almost hit me
Charlie: Goldberg, you’re the goalie, it’s supposed to hit you.
Goldberg: Does that sound stupid to anyone else?

Good Vibrations.

gordon i want you to remember this pond,and never forget where you came from

Gordon: I’m sure this will be a great experience for all of us…maybe one day one of you will write a book about it in jail.

gordon: what happened to your last coach?
he broke his arm
gordon: what?
you know ‘you little shits, you such you suck you…uh..’*crash*

Her name is Julie not babe.

Hey Charlie! I fucked your mom!

Hey Man.

hey that was mine..finders keepers…losers suck

Hey, this ones from Minneapolis. Guy, look, it’s your mom!

How many times do I have to remind you!? Get those rebounds! Get those loose Pucks! Get…just…just get the hell out of here!

i am goldberg…the goalie!

I hate hockey and I don’t like kids.

I hate kids. They’re barely human.

Is that a real phone? Yes and I’m really on it.

It’s not worth winning if you can’t win big!

It’s not Worth Winning if you can’t win big!!!!

Its Knucle puck time!!!

Its not worth winning if you can’t win big!

Jesse: Well your brother’s got a big mouth!
Russ bro: he does, does he?
Russ: yeah we know you can talk to the press and sign autographs and stuff…
Luis: we can do more than that.
Russ bro: Oh yeah? but we can teach you how to play like a real team USA!
Dean: And what would you know about it???

Keep swingin’ Charlie and maybe you’ll give the goalie a cold.

Look at yourself! you’re not even a ‘has-been’, you’re a never was!

Look at yourself, you’re not even a ‘has-been’, you’re a ‘never-was’!

Now remember, son, if you miss this shot, you’re not just letting your team down…you’re letting me down.

Officer: You mind turning down the radio, Gordon: Yea, I guess it was a wittle Noisy, Officer: A wittle?

oh. its my mom. she looks pissed.

Oreo Line

quack quack quack mr duckworth

Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! GOOOOOOO DUCKS!

Score one for the skirt!

Shake’em Down.

stand tall, fly strate…. U.S.A. ALL THE WAY!!!!

Take the fall, act hurt, get indignant!

Take the fall. Act hurt. Get Indignant!

The Law’s a bitch when it works against ya isn’t Jack!

The Quack attack is back jack!

To think I wasted all those years, worrying about what you thought. You’re going down, Riley

We Will Rock You.

What you’ve never heard of my knuckle puck?

What!? I’m insulted by that!


yeah but a quater of an inch the other way and you would’ve missed completly

Yes sir, Mr. Ducksworth. Whatever you say, Mr. Ducksworth. Quack quack quack quack quack, Mr. Ducksworth.
Gordon, stop quacking at me!

Yo dude! You obviously in the wrong hood. This is my dominion, and it’s a drug free zone. You understand? Now I’m feelin’ generous today. So I’m gonna let you get your sorry vanilla booty out of here before we be usin’ your eyeballs as hockey pucks!

You guys arent skating like warriors. you’re skating like something else. like ducks

You may have paid for that shirt but you haven’t earned it.

You qwaked at your teacher!?? lol

You really quacked at the principal? Are we ducks or what?!

[ The Ducks are District 5 and are playing the Hawks and the ref gets ready for the face-off ]
Averman: Hum, Batter-batter-batter! Hum, Batter-batter-batter, Hum, Batter-batter-batter, Hey, Batter-batter-batter, Hey, Batter-batter-batter, Swing, Batter-batter-batter, Hum, batter-batter-batter–
Bombay: Averman! IT’S HOCKEY! There’s no batter! Idiot!

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