Movie Quotes from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: Quotes from the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

– Good afternoon, Yankee John.
– Joe!
– That sounds like a dead battery.

–You’re not a lawyer, are you?
–No, no, no, no.
–Good. They’re the scum of the earth. And I should know being an ex-barrister myself.
–Ceremoniously disbarred not two years ago.

-That is a .22, my late husband blew his brains out with one of those. – Mine did too!

…then again it’s the ‘riche’ that counts.

1/_My mother always said *two tears in a bucket, mother-fuck it*
2/_ I’ll have to remember that
1/_ Oh no, that’s *off* the record

Hey Bitches! I said, Hey Bitches!

Autumn Leaves.

Billy Hanson was known as a good time, but a good time not yet had by all.

But I’m not Perry Mason. I’m not some TV lawyer.

Dead men tell no tales.

Fools Rush In.

From what I’ve seen, that man could weave horseshit into Egyptian cotton

Guilty men bow their heads in shame, innocent men shout from the rafters.

He’s the university mascot. ‘The Georgia Bulldog.’

I call it Chamblis’ Kickin’ Chicken.

I have an eye for framing things.

I’m what they call ‘nouveau riche.’ But then, it’s only the ‘riche’ that counts.

If you’re thirsty, a drink will cure it. If you’re not, a drink will prevent it. Prevention is better than a cure.

Jim Williams went and shot somebody. Canape?

JIm): What a genteel way of asking if I come from old money. John): Well, are you? Jim): No, what money I have is about eleven years old.

Joe’s Rule #2: If you have to leave a party, you always take a traveler.

John):Why don’t you come in? Minerva): I never enter the office on Sunday. Ba-a-d juju.

John- How would she know if it wasn’t tap water?
Jim- Not by color or taste but she would have known in an instant just by the look on my face.

Let the hall say *HEY BITCH!!*

Livin’ here pisses off all the right people.

Luther’s not eating.

my mother always said two tears in a bucket…. mother fuck it

Quit eyeballing me, Flavius. I knew you when you was a two-bit hustler on Bull Street.

So would the river flow both ways?

That’s our silver bullet. Shoddy police work.

The Lady Chablis

The truth is in the eye of the beholder…You believe what you want, I’ll believe what I know.

This place is fantastic. It’s like ‘Gone With The Wind’ on mescaline.

This place is like ‘Gone with the Wind’ on mescaline!

To understand the living, you got to commune with the dead.

Too Marvelous For Words.

Town and Country flew me down to write a 500-word story on a Christmas party.

We’re like the Steve and Eydie of Savannah.

Welcome to Savannah.

Well, if you’re worried about the D.A., grand juries read the papers.
Proper spin control could make a big difference.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Where is my libation? Hold these please. To Savannah Electric and Power…and let’s not forget our friends…whoever.

You wanna see my Tootsie roll?

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