Movie Quotes from Memphis Belle: Quotes from the movie Memphis Belle

*blood goes flying everywhere* 1) I wasn’t shot, YOU were shot! 2) No I wasn’t! 1)You’re just in shock, you were shot! 3) Uh, guys. It’s just tomato soup.

–And if we don’t drop these bombs right in the pickle barrel, there
are going to be a lot of innocent people killed.
–What’s the difference? They’re all Nazis!

–Fuel gauge is shot. How long can we fly on one engine?
–I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out.

–Uh, we ain’t going to Krautville. Our plane’s broke.
–No, it’s fixed.
–Christ, let’s go break it.

and your mother too

How’s the target look?
Like shit.

I know I shall meet my fate somewhere amongst the clouds above, those that I fight I do not hate, those that I guard I do not love…

I’m not giving you my dog.
Ah, I don’t want that mangy old mutt anyhow.

SNAFU, situation normal all fucked up

The hamburger’s named after a town there.

There’s a hole in the plane as big as my dick!

you can take my bullets too

You try that again, and I’ll kill you!

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