Movie Quotes from McQ: Quotes from the movie McQ

–Any surveillance on him?
–Would be if we could find him.
–How about intelligence? Why is he here?

–How do you stand it, this living in solitary?
–Ah, you get used to it.

–Lon, I have a little equalizer here. We’re gonna try to sell it to the department. The Ingram.
–Ingram, huh?

–Lon, it’s not licensed!
–Jack, neither am I.

–They’re going for the biggest stash in the city.
–You’re the detective. Detect.
–Give me some help.
–Look where the men in blue hang out.

Do-it-yourself gumshoeing.

Emotional involvement clouds clear judgment.

Insiders pulled this job.

It’s the new national sport called grabbing. Everybody does it. The senator sells privilege, the judge takes bribes.

Sugar! All of it. Sugar!

That’s why I need you. So you check IRS, his bank account, any girlfriend he might have on the side. You know the routine.

The advantage always lie with the people on the inside.

Too much politics.

Well, pull the package on Manny Santiago. I want an intelligence update on him, and I want to see Stan’s log.

What I need is a complete overhaul.

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