Movie Quotes from Matchstick Men: Quotes from the movie Matchstick Men

Doc: I spent last Tuesday on my living room sofa. Watching my carpet . Watching fibers on my carpet . And the whole time I was watching my carpet I was worrying that I might vomit, and the whole time I was worrying I might vomit , I was thinking : I’m a grown man , I should know what’s going on in my head. And the more I thought about it the more I realized I should just blow my brains out and end it all, but the more I wanted to blow my brains out , the more I thought about what that would do to my goddamn carpet.
And that was a good day, Doc. So gimme some pills and get on with my life.

–You’re a con man?
–Con artist.

All you have is tons of tuna. And ONE t.v. dinner. ONE! T.v. dinners are cool, get more. and get a t.v. to go along with them.

Back to the bar.

Consider it a parting gift… Frank: I should part more often.

Ever been dragged onto the sidewalk and beaten till you – PISS, BLOOD!!!

Everything smells like gum.

For some folks, money is a foreign film without subtitles.

Frank and I are partners.

Frank Mercer: I wouldn’t bother you, but, well I’m dying Roy, it’s my spleen, I can’t… I can’t feel my thumbs.

Fro some folks, money is a foreign film without subtitles.

Have you ever been dragged through the street and beaten so bad that you piss blood?!

I see ya, Dad.

I was born ready.

I was doing yoga.

I’m not very good being a dad. I barely get by being me.

If you’re gonna get wet you might as well go swimming.

It’s hard to explain.

My dad is a smooth operator.

Nice meeting you, Dad.

One, two, three…work.


Roy: You good to go? Frank Mercer: Does the Pope pooh in the woods?

Rule number one: never work near where you live.

Second rule: Don’t write anything down.

Shame on you.

Summer Wind.

Teach me something.

The Good Life.

This Town.

To some, money is a foreign fil without subtitles.

What is that?! What is that?!

What is that?! What IS that?!!

You did very good.

You didn’t take it. I gave it to you.

You don’t have a TV?

You gotta spend money to make money.

You not a bad man, your just a real good one.

You wanted too long. No prize for you.

You’re calling attention to yourself.

You’re not a bad man, you’re just not a real good one.

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