Movie Quotes from MatchMaker, The: Quotes from the movie MatchMaker, The

1) Excuse me, Dermott O’Brien may have arranged- 2) Oh he did did he? Tell him I’m not interested! Tell him I’m gay or somethin’!

1. (gasps)Why you little slut! 2. I’m Sorry? 1. I said Good Morning!

1. Hey, hey, Sean, I’m gonna stay here and fuck these two guys! 2. And you wanted to see a film?

1. Ill fix ya a cup of tea. 2. Oh, no you don’t you blazen huzzy. And you comin in here at all hours of the night, with the drink on ya like a shroud. 1. I hatechya I hatechya. 2. Oh I’m getting out me belt. What? No belt? (donkey runs away) Come back ‘ere wit me belt!

1. Is being an idiot like being high all the time? 2. No, it’s like constantly being right

1. Is being stupid, like being high all the time? 2. No. It’s like constantly being right.

1. You know what this is? A police station! 2. Yes it is ma’am. 3. STATE police STATE

1.Look the shit bucket’ full 2. Don’t be talking about the shit bucket in fronta strangers. Give it here lemme see. Oh theres room in there for at least two more goes!

A fat-ass, fatty-mcfatterton rides in this car

Don’t be talking about the shit bucket!

Hey Patty, I’m gonna stay here and fuck these two guys!

Life rarely goes according to one’s adolescent masterplans.

Me leg!

So, I’m like a battery operated Mary Tyler Moore? If you flatter me one more time, I’ll have to toss your pale Irish ass overboard!

Sometimes the easy way out is the right way out.

Yes, I am so very Mary Tyler Moore, everyone says so, and if you flatter me anymore I’m gonna have to toss you pale, Irish ass off the side of this boat

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